Control and analyse production processes in real time thanks to the dedicated MES application. Acquiring data directly from production lines allows you to optimize not only costs, but also to determine the value of OEE, key in the Lean Manufacturing approach. MES Industry 4.0 is also the possibility of integration with previously functioning systems and devices. Check out even greater MES application possibilities and its role in industry.
Obtain data on media consumption that will allow you to reduce costs in the enterprise. Smart Metering is increasingly becoming a standard solution in line with the Industry 4.0 concept in terms of utilities management. Its application is primarily the retrofitting of the existing measurement infrastructure, allowing its digitalization. See also other applications of Smart Metering for industry.
Take care of the health and safety of industrial workers thanks to advanced teleinformatics systems. One of such solutions is the Comarch WristBand system consisting of a mobile Comarch WristBand device integrated with the e-Care Platform. The system is used to monitor vital functions and the position of people working in the factory. Comarch's portfolio in the field of e-Health for industry is much more.

Comarch for Industry 4.0

Comarch for Industry 4.0 is a comprehensive system provided in SaaS (software as a service) model or as a customized, dedicated solution. It is composed of integrated production equipment (PLC and sensors) with receivers (Comarch IoT Hubs), connected to a cloud database (Comarch IoT Platform) which is the key to creating Industry 4.0 solutions. 


Benefits from implementing the solution

Equipment availability control
Production quality analysis
Increased performance efficiency
Integration with the ERP system
Integration with production lines
Reduction of paper documentation
OEE measurement
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    The main reason for the decision in favor of IoT Industry 4.0 with Comarch was our need of a modern and open connectivity platform for all future digitalization projects in production. At the same time, we had the challenge of integrating various machine generations with a focus on standardization, reliability and information security.

    Andy Kunz – Head of IT/BPM, Ditzler
    Comarch knows our company, our processes and our quality thinking, and can map all this in holistic software.

    Matthias Isel,  CEO of Abnox

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