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Business Intelligence solutions for SMEs

For small or medium-sized enterprises, using Excel spreadsheets to make strategic business decisions is no longer sufficient.  If they want to discover what truly increases their sales, companies need to store many terabytes of information to be analyzed. When companies collect details about particular customers, introduce new sales channels, or expand their product range, their database keeps growing.

Comarch ERP Optima BI Analyses, a tool streamlining the creation of reports and analyses on the basis of information contained in the Comarch ERP Optima program, is a perfect solution to this situation.

Business Intelligence solutions for SMEs

Comarch ERP Optima BI Analyses, a tool streamlining the creation of reports and analyses on the basis of information contained in the Comarch ERP Optima program, is a perfect solution to this situation.

The Comarch ERP Optima BI Analyses module has been created to meet the expectations of small and medium-sized company owners and managers. It provides them with all information necessary for the tracking and management of an enterprise. As it is possible to analyze and compare data swiftly using Comarch ERP Optima BI Analyses, it is not necessary to wait until reports are created, which improves work efficiency considerably.

Comarch ERP Optima BI Analyses is a product of 12 years of Comarch’s experience in building business intelligence solutions for ERP systems, Comarch ERP Enterprise as well as solutions dedicated to large enterprises and international corporations, such as BP, PKN Duda, Stock, Cersanit, Enion and Atlantic.

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