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Comarch ERP Optima for Accountancy Offices

Comarch ERP Optima Accountancy Office has been created to simplify the work of accountancy office employees and tax advisors who need to execute some operations in series.

The Accountancy Office module constitutes a panel supporting the everyday work of accountants in relation to many or all of their clients. It is fully integrated with Comarch ERP Optima, thanks to which data entered in the program are constantly synchronized, and accountants may begin to work for different clients with no need for additional logon

Comarch ERP Optima has received the Certificate of conformity with the Polish Accounting Act: Act download the certificate (.pdf)

Comarch ERP Optima for Accountancy Offices

Learn Which Comarch ERP Optima Modules will be Useful at Your Accountancy Office:

Revenue and Expense Ledger

Comarch ERP Optima Ledger allows accountancy offices to easily manage company accounting and calculations required by revenue services on the basis of a revenue and expense ledger, and to keep a record of VAT in order to calculate taxes and tax returns. The module is always compliant with current legal regulations.

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Accounting Records

Comarch ERP Optima Accounting Records is a module allowing accountancy offices to manage full company accounting in accordance with the Accounting Act. Its basic asset is that it facilitates work through the automation of the posting process, makes it possible to keep a record of VAT, and enables the user to make printouts and send electronic tax returns.

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Fixed Assets

Comarch ERP Optima Fixed Assets enables accountancy offices to keep a record of fixed, intangible, and legal assets. Thanks to the module, it is possible to create depreciation plans, automatically post offs, register the history of a given fixed asset, and create inventory and equipment sheets.

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HR and Payroll

Comarch ERP Optima HR and Payroll allows accountancy offices to fully support HR and payroll activities. It guarantees constant compliance with current legal regulations and, cooperates with the Płatnik program, calculates and prints tax returns, calculates insurance contributions and statements, supports payroll corrections and makes it possible to send electronic tax returns to a revenue service.

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Internet Document Exchange

Internet Document Exchange (Polish: Internetowa wymiana dokumentów, IWD) is a mechanism allowing a secure transfer of documents between two independent Comarch ERP Optima instances. Such exchange may be made in two models: between an accountancy office customer and the accountancy office, and between company points of sale and company headquarters. Since a Comarch data exchange server is used as a communication proxy, transferred data are appropriately encrypted, which guarantees a high level of transfer security, simultaneously preventing unauthorized deletion of data from the server and unauthorized transfers to it.

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