Optima online

Comarch ERP Optima in the service model - an innovative and integrated program for comprehensive management available via the Internet.

With its help, you will easily and quickly:

  • Issue invoices
  • Manage your warehouse
  • Post documents
  • Calculate remunerations
  • Settle with revenue services
  • Organize and promote your online shop

Comarch ERP Optima in the service model gives you the Comarch ERP Optima program, already acknowledged on the Polish market, properly adjusted for online work. Its distinctive feature is that it allows the user to open the application on any computer at any time. Both the program itself and the database are located on the state-of-the-art and secure servers of Comarch Data Center.

Are you Wondering Whether Comarch ERP Optima in the Service Model is the Right Solution for You?

Basic Benefits Offered to Clients who Subscribe to Comarch ERP Optima in the Service Model:

  • Access to data anywhere and at any time
  • Data security
  • No need to make big investments and purchase a physical copy of the program
  • Time efficiency thanks to the possibility to work in different locations
  • Low system requirements
  • No costs related to system administration and maintenance
  • Constant support of consultants
  • Work with the most current version of the program
  • No implementation costs
  • Monthly subscription fee
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