Field Service Management for Telecoms

Deploying a telecom field service application to optimize FSM processes

Efficient workforce organization in the telecommunication sector is a key factor enabling process optimization and increased business productivity. However, with a large number of specialists in different areas, and numerous geographic locations in diverse regions, managing field work optimally becomes much more complicated. With additional factors such as the need for ad hoc rescheduling related to infrastructure failures, and the requirement to manage the effectiveness of subcontracted employees, automating the processes of field service planning, scheduling and reporting become an absolute necessity.

Comarch specializes in comprehensive field workforce management solutions for telecom operators, utilizing large and mobile workforces.

FSM for Telecommunication

Comarch FSM is a software of choice for Orange, TVCable Group,
Viasat and other telecommunication companies. 

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Benefits of Field Service Management for Telecoms

Optimization of labor and transport costs

Fewer technicians are needed to perform field maintenance tasks, and well-informed technicians are required to make fewer service visits overall.

Reduced costs thanks to well-organized field service work

Optimized schedules with automatic dispatcher and real-time task assignments.

Improved SLA and client satisfaction index

The system enables effective, ad hoc task management to meet the expected deadline, so clients remain loyal.

Infrastructure maintenance

With advanced scheduling options and warning alerts, a telecom operator is able to plan appropriate service visits and avoid serious failures

Telecom field service management for CSPs and DSPs

CSPs perform various transformations in multiple areas of their business, one of which includes the creation of unified, well-organized and reconfigurable processes. In an industry where competition has increased significantly in recent years, time to market is crucial for every service provider’s success, and this is where systems dealing with workforce management are of great help. To alleviate the issue of multiple IT systems being involved in field service processes, a central management system should be implemented.

By integrating Comarch FSM (Field Service Management) with telecom systems, and configuring the FSM modules to meet specific needs, operators can increase the level of automation and optimization in their organizations.

FSM for Communication Service Providers

Telecom field services management for multi-service operators

The current trend for optimization of telecom field services is also observed on the cable market. In particular, MSOs (multiservice operators), which have grown through acquisitions, need to maintain high customer service quality, while keeping costs at a minimum, which is partially achievable by optimizing workforce organization.

To facilitate this, Comarch FSM enables features supporting the work dispatching process, optimizing field workers’ calendars, their routes to clients, and the efficient management of partners’ employees. 

FSM for Multiservice operators

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Top Telecoms Sector FSM Software Features

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