Field Service Management for Security, Alarm and Fire Prevention Systems

Protecting your assets with fire safety field service software

Providing security, alarm or fire prevention systems is not only about service delivery; it also carries responsibility for clients’ safety. It requires considerable effort from the service provider to allocate resources effectively, in order to ensure that devices are installed properly and on time, upgraded according to the current regulations, and frequently maintained. When a system provider offers a great many products and has a growing client base, workforce management and ongoing legal compliance can be a huge challenge.

To address this, we offer our field service management software for security, alarm, and fire prevention systems provider. Once implemented at your organization, you will notice a great increase in productivity and streamlined service and maintenance processes. You will also be able to prove unquestionably that you are fully compliant with safety rules

Field Service Software for Alarm systems

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Benefits of Field Service management Software for: software for security, alarm, and fire prevention systems providers

Smooth Installation Processes

With Comarch Field Service Management, security systems providers are enabled to manage all tasks, sites, and people within one platform. Once a new task comes into the system, the software is able to assign it to the right person, who has the appropriate skills, is close to the given site, and available at that time. But that’s not all. If your business needs to apply more variables, the system will do it according to a set of rules you can define for your business. And all of this will happen in real-time.

Installation in Field Service

Reliable Maintenance

Preparing a maintenance plan within a specific timeframe for each type of device can be an extremely huge responsibility. But failure to plan may lead to disastrous situations, both for the clients and the company. Using FSM software, service organizations can schedule each maintenance visit for the required date and time. Once the visit is completed, the technician may confirm that they followed a required compliance checklist.

Maintenance Management

Replacing and Upgrading Systems

As security systems are continuously upgraded to ensure compliance with the latest regulations, or replaced when upgrading is no longer effective, FSM software can also plan this type of work order. Additionally, you can divide the work order into a set of tasks, each appropriate for a given phase of the project, and these tasks can be carried out by different members of staff. As a result, their work time is used effectively.

Upgrading alarm systems

Effective Repairs

Even if the maintenance plan is performed regularly, some repairs may be required. In such cases, field service management software for security systems companies allows simple and rapid issue resolution. A device integrated with the FSM software can send information directly to the technician’s mobile app, with higher priority if needed, to ensure an even shorter reaction time.

Effective Repairs Field Service

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