IoT for Field Service Management

IoT Software for Connected Field Service Management

Internet of Things and other connectivity solutions pave the way to revolutionize service management processes and make them more proactive.

By connecting equipment with technicians’ mobile apps and sharing data with the back office in real time, the business is able to react quicker to incoming problems, and monitor the state of inventory remotely. Moreover, this technology may take the form of predicting possible issues (predictive maintenance), or be applied to authenticate users.

IoT for Field Services

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Smart Devices and IoT Platform for Field Service

While many IoT devices are available and may be integrated with FSM software, Comarch offers its own products – beacons, IoT Hub, smart metering devices, radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules to ensure an end-to-end Comarch FSM offer.

Design and production are under the control of Comarch’s experts, giving clients the possibility to adjust them according to their needs.

IoT Platform for Field Service Smart Devices and IoT Platform for Field Service

FSM Integration: Integrating connected field service software with client's IoT ecosystem

Even if your service business has already started the IoT transformation process and prefers to keep its implemented devices or analytics platforms, you can further extend automation by integration with field service software to immediately dispatch issues to a worker with a proper skillset.

Field Service and Asset Management: Connected field service software for managing assets

With the great range of equipment managed by companies comes more potential problems, especially in the area of monitoring. Comarch IoT Asset Tracking responds to those issues by delivering options to manage assets and carry out inventory procedures, using telemetry, a rules engine, a web app, and remote configuration. It also allows users to configure building zones and search for given assets thanks to real-time registration of the recent location of equipment.

Site Access Management: IoT field service software dedicated to managing site assets

Service businesses should ensure not only great performance, but also high-level data security throughout the service process. With the Comarch FSM mobile app, system identity access management (IAM) and Internet of Things (IoT) elements combined, businesses may be certain that only authorized personnel can connect, and track the time that an internal or external worker spends in a given location.

access management Field Service management

Condition-based Maintenance and Field Service Management: Connected field service software for proactive issue resolution

IoT solutions, together with Comarch FSM and analytics tools, enable even more proactive issue resolution by field service staff. With sensors on machine parts, the company monitors, for example, data about temperature, weather, dust, or humidity levels.

This information is transferred to the IoT platform and analytics software using personalized modelling to enable equipment diagnostics and eliminate the risk of equipment malfunction. With data processing taking place in real time, workers may receive notifications on mobile devices and react immediately. Consequently, business operations may continue uninterrupted, the cost of repairs can be minimized, and a spare parts delivery optimized.

IoT for Field Service Management

Smart Button

Smart Button is a device that works for up to three years and can be installed on the given equipment and configured according to the business needs with the use of the Comarch IoT Platform (an ecosystem in the cloud). This enables a rapid response to a given problem with the equipment, by automatic generation of a work order that indicates its location in the building and assigns the task to the appropriate technician. All this may happen with a push of a single button.

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