Zero-touch workforce management

Manage the workforce with Zero-touch management optimization software

Comarch FSM can automate and optimize workforce management by bringing together data on current and historical tasks, technician availability and skills, and maintenance requirements to ensure you stay on top of your SLA obligations.

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Main features of Zero-touch workforce management software

Demand planning

Use zero-touch workforce management tools to accurately forecast expected work orders and automatically match these with available resources to optimize work shift management and budget planning.

Roster management software

Automated workforce rostering software ensures information on employee availability and skills is always up to date, enabling the implementation of effective task assignment and training plans.

Shift workforce management

Ensure planning and scheduling optimization with AI-based automatic workforce rostering management that adapts in line with forecasted demand and peak activity periods.

Shift management

Real-time schedule optimization

AI FSM software takes care of end to end schedule optimization, taking into account historical data, and real-time maintenance and task events. Dynamically update schedules based on all available data on tasks, technician availability and skills, route planning and optimization, and scheduled/ad hoc maintenance requirements.

Real-time schedule optimization


Use zero-touch workforce management software to visualize the impact of all events, including sick leave, training, leave, and changing technician skill sets, and let the AI FSM engine adjust rosters for the optimal results in terms of SLA.

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