Field Service Management for the Energy and Utilities Sector

Automating utilities field service processes with FSM software

The number of everyday work orders in the energy and utilities sector, related to installing, maintaining and replacing infrastructure parts, combined with numerous geographic locations and a great number of field service staff creates an environment that is very complex to manage. At the same time, there is need to deliver services optimally, to be more competitive and ensure work order compliance with health and safety standards.

These challenges call for error-free and efficient field service management software for energy and utilities enabling the automation of many processes and personalized workflow configurations.

FSM for energy and utilities

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Benefits for Utilities and Energy Industry

Safety and Field Staff Productivity 

With the Comarch Field Service Management solution used by utility and energy sector, the entire service process is managed in one centralized system that enables all activities to be carried out with full inspection of required certification and advanced reporting. Field service staff equipped with the right mobility tools have full insight into the work specifications, and can go through checklists, so that all work and security conditions are met.

Full offline mode and safety options make Comarch FSM simple to use, and increase safety for staff and equipment. Together with ERP systems, it builds a comprehensive environment to track all technical activities from design to planning, approval and execution of the service optimally.

FSM and staff productivity

Optimized workload management with utilities field service software

Efficient management of field staff is enabled by combining Comarch FSM modules and well-suited workflow configuration. With automated task assignment based on technicians’ skills and the locations of the assets, field service management in utility and energy companies becomes far less complicated. They can increase work order assignment accuracy and therefore avoid unnecessary, costly truck rolls or uncompleted field maintenance visits. Service status updates and GPS tracking facilitate effective management of technicians, and motivate them to prove their work performance. With real-time reporting options, the results can be seen instantly, so escalations may be addressed and resolved faster.

Optimal workload management with FSM software

Simplified maintenance in utilities field service operations

Comarch FSM allows infrastructure and equipment maintenance, supplying all information required to perform periodic or corrective servicing. The system allows the management of tasks generated with trouble ticketing, CRMs and IoT devices, allowing utility companies to act both reactively in response to occurring issues and proactively – to prevent equipment failures and predict potential problems.

simplified maintenance with FSM

Top Energy and Utilities Sector FSM Software Features

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