Oil and Gas Companies

Benefit from automated management of equipment and resources with oil and gas field service software

Increased competition in the oil and gas industry has forced companies to seek more cost-effective solutions, including field service software. These businesses apply the systems to manage crews, projects and tasks in different parts of the world.

However, resource management in this sector entails more advanced features to ensure that tasks are performed in accordance with regulations and assets are protected against serious failures. With dedicated field service management solutions for oil and gas companies, the service operations lead to improved overall effectiveness and substantial cost reductions.

FSM for oil and gas industry

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Benefits for Oil and Gas Companies

Safety and security in oil and gas field service management

With the advanced configuration options available in Comarch Field Service Management, oil and gas companies define process workflows according to regulations they are obliged to observe, such as maximum working time, training for specific jobs, and similar. With appropriate task checklists, engineers in the field also have access to resources ensuring they follow the appropriate steps to ensure that work is performed in line with safety rules.

FSM and safety and security

Oil and gas field service software to help protect the global environment

The Comarch FSM system is able to handle thousands of technicians, complex scheduling in many regions (including multi-country and multi-time zones), and deliver one centralized environment for management and reporting. With this field service management software, oil and gas companies can improve communication between team members and make issue resolution more effective, no matter where staff are located.  

FSM for global environment management


Optimize work of field technicians with oil and gas field service software in offline mode

Performing tasks when no Internet connection is available is very common in the oil and gas sector. With Comarch FSM’s offline mode, technicians can still have access to the full range of system features, so they can perform assigned tasks according to the requirements.

FSM offline mode

Utilize an oil and gas field service management software cloud to automate asset maintenance processes

To prevent assets from requiring repairs, prolong the life of parts and avoid expensive equipment replacements, businesses in this sector should take proactive and preventive steps to optimize maintenance. With dedicated modules for corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance, Comarch supports appropriate resource and asset management, and advances the level of field operations.

FSM and asset maintenance

Top Oil and Gas Sector FSM Software Features

Field Service Management for Fuel Equipment and Services

Manage all your assets and resources even more efficiently

Benefits for Oil and Gas Companies

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