Scheduling and Routing on Demand

Improve the way you plan, schedule and dispatch field tasks with the Comarch FSM Scheduling API

Is your current toolset missing good scheduling capabilities?

Are you looking for a way to improve field team assignments based on AI/ML algorithms without the need to change anything in your current application frontends? Discover a system that is dedicated to your existing tools. Focus on business value and aim to improve scheduling efficiency automatically or semi-automatically.

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Why implement automated field service scheduling?

Field service scheduling using software

The final schedule is calculated to find the optimum route for each field worker, decreasing the cost of travel, idle time and ratio of tasks executed per day.

A powerful algorithm for FSM task scheduling

Continuous Schedule Optimization is an engine responsible for dispatching tasks continuously. It responds to changes in the field and supports third-party tools with efficient scheduling. The CSO mechanism uses a non-deterministic algorithm to find the optimal solution for assigning tasks to field workers. It is available as a webservice through dedicated APIs.

How field service planning software works

The scheduling API can be run in several modes, depending on the business process:

Bulk optimization mode,

based on a large number of tasks to be dispatched

Continuous mode

- schedule optimization, based on real-time events in the field

Manual planning mode,

based on engine recommendations

Service planning software with all data at your fingertips

It is assumed and designed that any third-party tool utilizing Comarch FSM Scheduling API is a source of truth. This means that there is no need to synchronize configuration data between parties.

All the necessary information for the schedule calculation is received within the task and timeline of the resource in the specified request.

Benefits of Scheduling API for Field Service Management

Automated schedule creation and routing

Fully automated workflow of dispatching medical staff based on service region, type of client, scope of care or needed competencies.

No additional UI 

Full integration option to currently used solution for medical staff management of medical equipment inventory. 

Backend functionality

Front-end free solution for the schedule creation and optimization.

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