Central Database Project for ZUS

Migrating the Digital Life of a Nation: Central Database Project for ZUS

Find out how one of the most substantial government institutions in Poland's social insurance sector optimized its IT processes with Comarch.

About ZUS

ZUS, or the Social Insurance Institution, is one of the largest governmental entities in Poland, responsible for administering the nation's social insurance system.

Established in 1934, ZUS manages social security, including pension, disability, and healthcare benefits for Polish citizens. ZUS also ensures the stability and reliability of social insurance, impacting millions of lives and contributing significantly to the social and economic fabric of the country.

The ZUS IT Challenge

Before partnering with Comarch, ZUS faced significant challenges in modernizing its IT infrastructure. For two decades, the institution had been reliant on a single technology provider, which led to a complex and outdated IT environment. This situation hindered effective data processing and global operational efficiency.

ZUS also grappled with budget constraints, the necessity for IT personnel skilled in contemporary technologies, and an over-reliance on hardware scaling. These challenges necessitated an extensive and strategic overhaul of their IT systems to enhance functionality, efficiency, and service delivery within the institution.

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Remarks from ZUS

(…)Collaborating with Comarch has been crucial in enhancing efficiency at ZUS. Comarch’s expertise in similar projects, dedication, and meticulous planning have ensured a risk-free and secure transition. (…)”

The Solution

Comarch implemented a comprehensive solution for ZUS that modernized the entity’s IT infrastructure through the creation and adoption of a private cloud environment. This transformation included migrating existing servers to the cloud, virtualizing physical servers, and developing dedicated scripts and procedures to enhance business continuity.

The initiative resulted in a scalable, efficient, and more secure IT framework, enabling ZUS to achieve significant cost savings, improve user experience, and ensure high availability and reliability of its critical systems.

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