AVNU Spring Week  at Comarch

On April 15th – 19th Comarch hosted the AVNU Spring Week. This year's event included several parallel meetings: AVNU Plugfest, AVNU Plenary and the AVNU Alliance Management Board Meeting.

 AVNU Plugfest is an event that takes place twice a year, its main goal is to test the interoperability of devices produced by different manufacturers. During such a meeting, participants exchange experiences and knowledge and enhance products to comply with TSN standards.

The Plugfest week is always a highlight of the Avnu year. All engineers who work on  real-time Ethernet sit in one room the whole day testing their new prototypes and trying their best to find the most obscure bugs when connecting all existing implementations to each other. We have learned a lot about the devices during this week. In the parallel Plenary we decided together how to shape the committee and standards for the future and enhance it with new features. We planned new marketing and training strategies together in Comarch, which will be implemented in the coming years. 

It is a very special combination of competitors working jointly on topics where the customer needs interoperability and not differentiation between the products, and Comarch has proven again to be the ideal setting for that. We had all the space and rooms we needed, the hospitality was amazing, and we felt so welcome and supported here. Comarch’s wonderful home city of Kraków makes me want to come back every year. 

Daniel Zimmermann, Senior System Design Engineer Realtime Network at d&b audiotechinik


Comarch cooperates with AVNU Alliance as part of the Certification team of Zuza Palej, from the Business Unit Software and Hardware Services, (Healthcare sector). We are a valued partner of the AVNU Alliance, and the author of a testing solution dedicated to AVNU’s certification program. Thanks to our participation in these meetings, we can observe how our clients work with the testing solution we have created. Our engineers worked with the meeting participants every day. From AVNU's point of view, such an event has an invaluable impact on the improvement and development of the certification process.

Plugfest is a week of intensive work and observation of users working with our testing solution - Avnu Express. It provides an excellent opportunity not only for exchanging experiences, but also for implementing improvements in the tool and conducting tests.

Meeting with audio device manufacturers allows us to better understand their problems and challenges, facilitating identification of software issues. Discussions about the specifications and protocols we use on a daily basis further enhance our knowledge. Plugfest is also a time for building relationships, which is incredibly helpful in subsequent communication and managing projects.

Marek Szkowron, Senior Software Developer at Comarch

Most of the participants of this year's meeting are representatives of chip producers and the world’s leading manufacturers of audio devices used in concert halls and outdoor events. If you are a concert enthusiast, you must know that our company's engineers stand behind pure and perfectly synchronized sound.

As the host of the meeting, we believe that each participant is satisfied with the results of their work, and this intensive week spent at Comarch will have an invaluable impact on the further development of the solutions of each of these companies. This is also confirmed by the statements of our partners:

During the AVNU Plugfest, our Comarch development partners attended our meetings and developed new features that we were able to evaluate with AVNU members and leave the Plugfest with new capabilities and tests that were validated and verified.  As Comarch develops the AVNU Express Test Suite, we also had some real-time questions and issues that arose in existing test suites, that we identified, resolved, and tested this week. At this Plugfest, Comarch helped us resolve a number of longstanding issues that will help enable our upcoming Component Certification Launch.

Comarch is a fantastic host and was committed to making the AVNU Plenary and Plugfest events successful. 

 Jeremy Rover, Senior Network Standards Engineer at Intel Corporation

The AVNU Alliance is a community that creates an interoperable ecosystem of solutions aimed at servicing the low-latency, time-precise requirements of various applications within the automotive, audio-visual systems, and industry sectors. Additionally, the AVNU organization develops a comprehensive certification program ensuring interoperability of devices utilizing the open IEEE standard, Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), and its Pro AV networking protocol – Milan.

If you are curious about Comarch's cooperation with other certification organizations - visit the Certification Department website: https://www.comarch.com/sw-and-hw-services/certification-alliances/ or contact our team: technologies@comarch.com

For more information about AVNU Alliance, please visit the official website: avnu.org.