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MAC Conformance Test Tool for FiRa™ Consortium – a new product in Comarch offer for the certification of device compliance with the FiRa UWB standard.
  • Are you about to develop your own solution with ultra-wideband and seeking to be compliant with the FiRa UWB standard?
  • Are you a FiRa member who wants to pass the certification process?
If so, then this Comarch project will be of particular interest to you.
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What is the project about?

The MAC Conformance Test Tool, called the MCTT, which we have developed for FiRa Consortium, is a part of the FiRA Consortium certification program that will certify that devices conform to a test specification based on IEEE 802.15.4z HRP.
Read  our Case Study to learn more about:
  • What exactly does the MCTT consist of and what the main features of the test tool are
  • What kind of benefits does the product offer to users and ATLs (Authorized Test Labs)

Watch also the latest FiRa MCTT product demo to see how the MAC Conformance Test Tool really works.

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