11th FiRa Consortium Test Event for FiRa MAC and CCC MAC features

Following the success of the 2023 test events at Comarch, Poland, FiRa® Consortium has entrusted the company with organizing this year’s series of meetings at its headquarters in Kraków.

Starting from May 20, leaders in global technology will have the chance to take part in FiRa® Consortium Test Event #11 to ensure their solutions' adherence to constantly evolving UWB standards and the latest version of FiRa Test Specifications. Representatives from industry giants such as NXP, Qorvo, STMicroelectronics, Samsung, and Pinpoint will join us for the testing.

Throughout the event, engineers will test their solutions using the latest versions of Comarch test tools, testing the latest test cases developed in accordance with the FiRa Aluminum specification.

Participants will, for the first time, have the opportunity to test functionalities specifically designed to assess the MAC layer of UWB in the Digital Key 3.0 solution. This latest feature represents a significant aspect of both FiRa UWB certification and the technological advancement of the latest version of the digital key. As a result, the Comarch MCTT 2.0 solution will be utilized by end users in the automotive industry.

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This test event provides the opportunity for us to gather feedback on our devices, empowering us to continually refine and enhance them with an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality testing tools.