Discover the Latest Version of Our Test Tools Tailored for the FiRa® 2.0 Certification Program

Comarch, a highly respected test equipment provider, is proud to present the latest version of our test tools tailored for the FiRa® 2.0 certification program.

Since 2020, we have been involved with the FiRa Consortium, contributing to the advancement of the rapidly growing UWB standard. This collaboration has led to the development of the first test tools confirming compliance with the MAC layer implementation. Our devices have been widely used by UWB modules and solution manufacturers as well as authorized test labs. The MCTT (MAC Conformance Test Tool) and ITT (Interoperability Test Tool) products have become household names in the wireless world.

As new use cases requiring unique fine-ranging localization capabilities emerge, we consistently deliver up-to-date software versions for our devices. Following organizational requirements and aiming to provide our customers with the highest quality test solution, we have developed a new hardware version. The commitment and hard work of our dedicated engineers has culminated in a new solution that fully complies with the FiRa® MAC Conformance and FiRa® IoP Test Specifications v2.0.

Dive into our new case study to discover the innovative solution we've developed, along with the challenges we encountered and overcame during project execution.

Case Study