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E-commerce is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The number of online stores is constantly growing and more commercial networks and large companies have begun to offer their products via an online channel. The expectations of customers searching for the best shopping experiences grow in direct proportion to the number of eshops. These experiences relate to, among others, short processing time of orders, the possibility of quick contact, available and well-informed staff, customised offers, the possibility of purchasing via mobile devices and reliable after-sales support. In order to meet these expectations, we offer an original e-commerce platform – Comarch e-Shop.

  • 1000 trading companies in Poland, Germany, France and Switzerland have already trusted us 
  • We cooperate with several hundreds of partners deploying our software 
  • Our application is constantly developed by releasing new versions several times a year 
  • We keep track of e-commerce trends and update Comarch e-Shop with new modules and functionalities 

A modern layout allows your store to stand out from the others 

Using an innovative template engine and editing via HTML/CSS code provides unlimited possibilities for configuring modules in your eshop, allowing a modern and customisable design. A professional look, the appropriate esthetics, intuitiveness and usability help increasing user satisfaction and gain advantage in the era of high competitiveness. 

Purchase experience customisation

An individual approach towards customers is particularly important in online channels, where a customer has access to a wide range of product types and is in control of the purchase process, the customer could change their mind and finalise the transaction in a store providing the most beneficial conditions and best support. Comarch e-Shop allows you to offer item price lists, promotions and discounts dedicated for customers, individual discount vouchers, it enables creating a context offer through recommendations of products, cross-selling mechanism, promotional sets and even allows for adjusting the e-Shop layout for certain users. 

Integration with external services for e-commerce

The strongest asset of our solution is the possibility to integrate it with any system that supports online sales. Our offer includes a wider range of available integrations with tools such as; Marketplace platforms – eBay, Allegro, price comparison tools; couriers, payment systems, mailing systems, social media, Trusted Shops and many more.

Adjustment to mobile devices

Comarch e-Shop is an application available for your customers regardless of their device type and location. Thanks to responsive technology, you have access to the administration panel of your e-Shop via mobile devices.  

Optimised positioning on Google

In order to achieve satisfying sales results, an online store must be visible in search engines. Comarch e-Shop provides many possibilities helping potential customers to find your store on the Internet, e.g. friendly links, defining metadata: page title, keywords, description; generating XML map for Google search engine; defining robots.txt file; @ProductName@ and @GroupName@ macros for page title, generating sitemap for Bing.com search engine. 

Reports and analysis

Comarch e-Shop contains a built-in tool for generating analyses referring to items, orders and customers. From this, reports can be generated concerning the most frequently purchased and viewed products, products with zero / low sales, the most frequent customers, the value of orders over time etc.

Profound analysis of the reports contributes to making effective business decisions whose results can be observed and evaluated owing to reanalysis of selected reports. The application is also fully integrated with Google Analytics, which provides the possibility to prepare more advanced statistics, e.g. investigating web traffic.  

A dedicated solution

We also conduct dedicated deployments based on our Comarch e-Shop platform by adjusting the application to your unique business needs. We can define your requirements and prepare a solution which reflects your goals and expectations in the most accurate way, allowing you to focus on effective e-commerce.

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