Collection management

In retail, especially the fashion industry, items and stock are seasonal. At least once per quarter, there is the need to register and archive a large number of item forms to regulate the stock.
Based on this need, extensive parameterisation of the item forms is provided in Comarch Retail, aimed at reducing the number of forms, as well as the possibility to automatically add required SKUs to the system.

Types and units of measure

For one SKU, it is possible to define a basic unit and additional units, based on a defined conversion calculator. It is also possible to determine a default unit for a given document type. Additionally, a barcode can be assigned to each unit. The system allows for the price to be determined dependant on a unit in which an item is purchased. Thanks to this, the number of item forms can be significantly reduced.

Many features for a given index

One SKU can be described with any number of features – e.g. sizes and colors of products can be specified. It is possible to define relations between those features, for instance – black shoes are only available in size 39 and 40. For each relation, the price or barcode can be determined. Thanks to this, the number of item forms in the system decreases and issuing of documents is faster.

Index patterns

In order to streamline creating item forms, it is possible to define patterns containing item parameters. When adding a new item within a given pattern, the system automatically uploads the defined data, which can be additionally modified according to the user’s needs. In turn, for the purposes of facilitating the manner of changing item forms, it is possible to update the selected parameters in a batch.

Related items

Comarch Retail system allows for items to be related to each other, e.g. for the purpose of upselling accessories, determining similar items or specifying replacements. Relations can be defined manually or can be based on Business Intelligence reports. Using Comarch Retail POS a sales assistant can view which items should be suggested to a customer as accessorizes, for example – a sales assistant could suggest buying a HDMI cable for a HDMI adapatable TV set.

Grouping schemes

Comarch Retail system can define separate schemes of grouping items – e.g. different groups for employees responsible for purchases and those responsible for sales. This means that large numbers of SKUs can be efficiently prepared to use on individual workstations. Group assignments can be edited in the future, if needed.

Generating a collection

There are business branches where a collection is available during one season and afterwards it is relocated to outlet stores. In reference to this situation, the possibility to generate item forms for a new collection is an important solution provided by Comarch Retail. Upon specifying conditions on the basis of which given SKUs will be created, the system can add a specific number of item forms, which significantly reduces the time needed to prepare the forms.


For each item, it is possible to define any number of images which can be displayed in all sales channels. Additionally, for some item groups, it is a requirement to provide the full specification or certificates. These documents are either delivered by the manufacturer or the company must create them on its own. These files can be associated with item forms and shared with customers in a simple way.
All files can be saved in the cloud, e.g. in Comarch IBARD. Links to them only need to be assigned in Comarch Retail.

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