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In the time of focusing on customer’s needs, organising support in store is an important component of company image. A customer should enjoy the possibility of being provided with service at any place by a sales assistant that can access customer details and be able to complete transactions originating from other sales channels. Item return or exchange processes should be executed in the most automated manner. An important aspect is also fast and simple replenishing of stock in a store.
Comarch Retail POS and Comarch Mobile mPOS are applications providing all the mentioned functionalities.

Mobile POS workstation

The Comarch Mobile mPOS solution is an integral part of Comarch Retail platform, an employee can process all sales activities by smartphone or tablet. Both cashiers and sales assistants can take advantage of this possibility, e.g. provide a customer with information whether a specific size is available in a given store.

This approach works well in regular stores as well as in pop-up stores, islands, corners and small boutiques in shopping malls, where it is particularly important to use small devices and be able to approach customers with the offer.

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Store back-office

The number of processes executed in a store back-office is constantly decreasing. The quantity of items that must be ordered is determined by the Headquarters on the basis of different types of reports, e.g. a report analysing turnover in a given store. Inventory is more often processed by external companies. But still, there are tasks which will be performed by store employees, e.g. receiving delivered items, returning unsold merchandise to the Headquarters, determining demand on items that customers are looking for but are already unavailable in a given store. In Comarch Retail, these tasks can be processed in the same interface in which customer service is provided, which reduces the duration of employee inductions. 

International sales

A global sales management system not only provides a multilingual interface and the opportunity to process sales transactions using different currencies, it also ensures compliance with country-specific regulations and integration with local software solutions implemented by government institutions of particular countries. This kind of global strategy has been used in Comarch Retail POS system.

The user interface of the standard version of the application is available in Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian, but the technology used in the system allows it to be easily translated into any other language. Changing the interface language automatically displays the translations of item names, object descriptions and so on, based on the language the user has selected.

Multicurrency mode and local tax laws 

The availability of the multicurrency mode in Comarch Retail POS is guaranteed owing to full integration with Comarch ERP systems which allow processing transactions with the use of different currencies. Exchange rates are updated regularly taking into consideration additional conversion fees charged by shops (which frequently occurs in the retail industry). What is more, the sales application enables a single transaction to be processed with several currencies at the same time.

Finally, the global approach implemented by Comarch Retail POS makes it possible to stay compliant with regulations that are binding at the place of business, such as tax laws imposing different GST/HST rates in the Canadian provinces, sales tax rates in the US, requirements related to the handling of tax-free documents in the European Union, and national regulations such as integration with the tax office in Austria. As a result, each document generated in Comarch Retail POS must be assigned an encrypted signature.

Comarch Retail POS system is currently used by enterprises in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Poland.

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