Comarch Retail POS and Mobile POS

Comarch Retail POS is a hi-tech tool dedicated for checkouts. Its intuitive, user-friendly and legible interface makes it possible to navigate efficiently through the application and to effectively perform particular tasks. The system handles sales transactions in cooperation with payment terminals and cash registers.

Our software operates irrespectively of Internet access by switching automatically between offline and online modes. 

Uninterrupted work irrespective of Internet access - in offline mode, it is possible to handle a sales transaction and a complaint for a customer at a checkout. In online mode, users have access to up-to-date stock levels of both own warehouses and those of other subsidiaries/chain outlets.

Simple and intuitive navigation - customised to touch screens, a new interface was designed so that those who have no experience in using the application could easily pick up the system and work with it. A user is guided step by step through the interface at each stage of activity to perform particular tasks in a simple and comprehensive fashion.

Customisable interface - the interface of Comarch Retail POS is fully editable. The screen layout and buttons can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the application users. An interesting convenience are the keyboard shortcuts which are assigned to each button for fast and efficient application operation.

Using several documents simultaneously - to ensure efficient and professional customer service at a checkout, it is possible to work on several documents at once, meaning that several customers can be serviced simultaneously at one workstation.

Presentation of item images - an employee servicing a checkout has access to up-to-date item details, including item descriptions and images.

Related items - during a sales transaction, items which are offered along with the item being purchased by a customer are displayed directly at the checkout. A cashier can therefore suggest complementary products to the ones currently being purchased.

Handling of various payment forms - Comarch Retail POS system handles standard payment forms, such as cash or card, and also payments using vouchers or mixed payment (for instance, voucher and cash payment or voucher and card payment). 

Mobile Point of Sale

When using Comarch Retail system, it is possible to operate a mobile point of sale with the Comarch Mobile Sales application. With this application it is possible to handle commercial processes on devices such as smartphones and tablets.  

Conducting sales transactions on a smartphone or tablet - using new technologies, it is possible to carry out sales transactions within a store. A vendor may move around a store along with a client and add all the items into the system on a real-time basis.

Possibility of opening temporary stores (outbreak) - using a mobile point of sale, it is possible to open interim stores. Mobile devices do not require installation, therefore starting and servicing workstations becomes easy and enjoyable. 

Cooperation with remote printers and payment terminals - a mobile point of sale can fully handle a client’s purchase process, including printing receipts and invoices and the acceptance of diverse payment forms (cash, charge card, vouchers).

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