e-Commerce B2B

e-Commerce B2B is a modern online platform enabling remote handling of a sales network in Business-to-Business models. The software is fully integrated with Comarch ERP systems, resulting in all of the data being available directly in the system.

Selected customers will receive access via web browser to receive up-to-date commercial offers which can be adjusted to their individual requirements.

Adjust the platform layout to your needs and build your image

The latest modern interface of the application will make customers more eager to use your tool. With Comarch B2B platform construction, you can modify the system layout to satisfy the needs of your company. Your company logo can be added, the login page colour pallete can be changed to specific or ready-made schemes, giving the application a new customised look. There is also the possibility to select different product views, either list or tiles, which makes the time spent on the platform more pleasant and effective. 

Customise your offer and make the cooperation easier for your customers

Assign specific permissions to certain customers. Customise your product offer and promotions. Use many units of measure and high quality images to make your offer more attractive. Create a readable product tree and contribute to more effective and intuitive navigation amongst your products. Integration with Comarch ERP systems, groups and products arranged within them will be reflected in Comarch B2B. The system saves time as you don’t have to eepeatedly create products groups.

Share customer data (contact details, trade data or employee list) as well as additional documents (contracts, documentation, technical requirements, promotional brochures and catalogues) to intensify your business cooperation.

Be present on foreign markets

In its standard version, Comarch B2B has 13 language versions of the interface and allows for applying payments in different currencies. This allows your customers to easily select their preferred language before logging on to the platform and making purchases in their currency. The following languages are available for selection: Polish, English (GB), English (US), German, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovakian, Czech, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Norwegian and Italian.

Automation of ordering and quoting process

Comarch B2B is a virtual seller who works for you 24/7 so that each of your partners can submit orders any time from anywhere. Our solution is a completely automatic and remote tool designed to increase your sales volume without cost-consuming handling of orders.

We implemented the multiple carts functionality, where customers can add items to a multiple amount of different shopping carts when creating an order (e.g. specifying another shipping address for each of the carts), which makes shopping easier and faster. Customers can also submit repeat orders with just one click.

Complete history of orders, invoices and payments as well as preview of processing stage

Comarch B2B provides your customers with 24/7 online access to the complete history of their orders, invoices and payments, which are also printable. The B2B platform automatically notifies customers about unpaid documents and overdue payments. Comarch ERP system automatically retrieves information about all accounting documents for each customer and enables your customers to track the processing stage of their orders and monitor the status of their payments.

Effective searching and intuitive navigation

Comarch B2B includes an innovative feature for creating filters and the effective filtering (searching) of products. The fast and optimised search engine enables your customers to easily find what they are looking for. The possibility of creating advanced search filters allows customers to save time and automate work in the platform. Filters can be saved and used at any time, and they provide great possibilities! It is very important in the case of a wide product offer to efficiently navigate between different types of products.

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