Multi-Access Edge Computing

Multi-Access Edge Computing – the Power of Combining Telco and IT Domains

5G MEC architecture consolidates the advantages of two complementary domains: traditional telco and broadly understood IT. It creates a new way of thinking about complex services by integrating and eliminating silos at the border that have become inefficient. A further natural step after overcoming these barriers is to make processes dynamic, which is expected by the market to fulfill the promises and capabilities of systems based on 5G technology. 

MEC 5G is a system that, by definition, will have an extremely dynamic configuration – this is its role in the chain of services provided. It must ensure the implementation of a number of complex functions in the optimal location in relation to the place of implementation. This applies to computing power, data storage space, and the location of your resources. Performing these operations effectively would require the involvement of a large group of specialists, or having a MIRA class system. This solution allows to automate tactical planning of resource allocation, and is a helpful tool in strategic planning for the location of physical infrastructure, connections between elements, and the creation of virtual elements based on them. After such preparation, the MIRA is able to manage resources effectively, based on defined policies of conduct. At the same time, it can react dynamically to changes in these policies thanks to the use of automatic pattern detection based on artificial intelligence.

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5G: An Enabler of Advanced Automation in the Telecommunications Industry

Benefits of Comarch Multi-Access Edge Computing

Increasing data security in telecommunications

Keep customers' data safe is a key element during processing, storage, and especially when moving along with the user.

Optimizing automatic implementation

Eliminate the time needed for people to learn new company priorities in the area of planning and maintenance with 5G and edge computing. 

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning

Innovative technologies are used to support deep automation and optimize maintenance, which is a source of key information.

Implementing 5G network capabilities 

Customization of services is based on data not only resulting from the user's profile, but also their location.  

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