What is Comarch IoT beacon?

Comarch beacon is a compact Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device broadcasting a radio signal, readable by any smartphone. Mobile application combined with Comarch IoT Platform delivers personalized, location-based content directly to the customer. That brings business a much deeper level of personalized interaction and leverages customer experience in endless usage scenarios, regardless of the business profile. The main goal of Comarch IoT beacon technology is to improve customer’s experience anytime and anywhere thanks to two variants of Comarch beacon device - standard and industrial versions.

Comarch Beacon Chosen Features

beacon technology

Supports iBeacon® and Eddystone® standards

beacon microlocation

Provides location awareness and proximity sensing

temperature sensor

Equipped with temperature and motion sensors

beacon security

Protected by usage protection & anti-spoofing mechanisms

Two variants of Comarch beacon bluetooth device

How does Comarch beacon solution work?

  • Beacon transmits a unique wireless signal
  • Dedicated mobile app receives the signal
  • The signal triggers predefined action
  • User receives hyper-targeted data directly on the mobile device

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Business Example uses of beacon solution:

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