The medical sector uses the Business Intelligence solutions to optimize the costs of operation and efficient management of medical facilities. Comarch Business Intelligence supports hospitals and clinics in the scope of data collection, via allocation of costs and monitoring patients' service quality.

It provides information on partial costs, possibilities of cost optimization, and patients current expectations.

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Operational performance analysis

One of the most important analyses in the medical sector is cost allocation divided into services, employed physicians, contracts, subscriptions, contractors, patients, and organizational units. It provides important information about the sources and optimization of costs.

Payments analyses enables the simultaneous research of current and historical receiveables and liabilities via incomings and expences' promptness. Possibility of regular access to updated data together with the entire history of payments enables effective management of the facility cash flow.

Settlements with contractors and payers are based on the value and quantity of services provided under service contracts. Thanks to precise reports, the entire settlement process becomes less vulnerable to any errors and ambiguities.

Settlements with physicians employed in medical facilities become simple and clear thanks to analyses of patient visit duration and costs related thereto.

Medical service analysis

Analysis of medical service sales, which enables detailed presentation of the value and quantity of sold services, taking into account discounts and promotions.

Analysis of services provided under contracts with contractors or individually, analysed in terms of service sales, completion of medical service and the very result of performing this service.

Review of medical service provision quality, through analyses of the average visit duration and number of patients admitted in this time, in order to eliminate admission delays.

Analysis of issued medical documents, such as examination results, requests, certificates, medicine prescribed by medical facilities.

Analysis of data in the scope of patient registration and available appointment dates, such as quantitative information on cancelled and registered appointments, also related to reporting of service data by Call Centre.

Analysis of contracts and tenders

Contracts analysis in the context of attached commercial documents, such as contracts with contractors and payers in current and historical periods, allowing to analyse costs or income resulting from cooperation with the given contractor.

Analyses of information regarding the number and terms of contracts, as well as reporting of amendments in the form of annexes to the contracts.

Analyses of competing offers in context of tenders for provision of medical services. It is used to compare one’s own competitiveness with other entities in terms of submitted bids, subject of the tenders, parameters and offered prices, etc.

Inventory analysis

Analysis of medical goods inventory in terms of quantity, value and rotation between numerous inventories. It uses both current data (goods rotation, changes to prices of the goods, turnover, etc.) and historical data for the given day.

Lists of medical equipment used by the medical facility and the supervisor of these devices. Such data are particularly helpful in the case of reports for GUS [Central Statistical Office], etc.


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