Banking and finance

The financial sector makes extensive use of the Business Intelligence solutions to analyse information from numerous areas and to build own competitiveness.

Thanks to application of the Comarch Business Intelligence solution for analysing organizational data, financial institutions can improve and streamline operational effectiveness, develop more efficient marketing strategies, as well as restrict the current costs.

„It was an ambitious undertaking, and Comarch carried out all the tasks it was entrusted with. The project was managed professionally, otherwise it could not have been completed on time and within the allocated budget. We also achieved great benefits from Comarch’s flexible approach, which this project required. In short, we are very satisfied with the results and we count on further cooperation in the years to come."

Skagen Funds

Case Study: DnB Nord Poland   Case Study: Skagen Funds   Case Study: BGK


Through completion of numerous projects in the financial sector, Comarch has developed its own generic model, implementable in every financial institution, including banks. 

Comarch Banking Generic Model uses an extensive set of data sources most commonly used in banks, it includes a set of analytical areas as well as a package of predefined reports, used by most financial institutions in their day-to-day operations. Using our experience, we supplemented it with our methodology and systematics which enable optimal use of the information collected by financial institutions. 

Data quality management is an important factor which influences the user work comfort and the way the bank is perceived by its clients. Keeping up-to-date with the changes occurring in the data and their quality allows for better control over the information analysed. 

Obligatory reporting for designated regulatory bodies, such as national banks or financial supervision authorities, forces financial institutions to document all changes within data, assessment of market or credit risk. Comarch Business Intelligence supports the obligatory reporting process for the purposes of financial institutions, providing report templates and algorithms used to calculate the required data.

Segmentation of customers allows to offer the customers a set of products and services which is the most suited to the specific circumstances. Better adjustment of financial products and services is the shortest way to achieve and keep a competitive edge. Analysis of data stored in CRM, based on segmentation of customers, combined with geo-location and map reports reveals the most attractive business areas.  Expense planning and budgeting, financial controlling, detection of misappropriations, risk analysis, and HR module are the major areas supported by Comarch BI in solutions for financial institutions.

Investment funds

Customer assets reporting thanks to mass reporting mechanisms.

Funds performance analyses which provide information on effectiveness of management actions and rates of return for individual entries. 

Customer portfolio performance, presenting increases and decreases of assets, together with all the operations performed, analysis of attribution and contribution customer funds and portfolio performance compared to benchmark, informs about the effectiveness of investment activities and presents sector and geographical allocation of investments.

Possibility of historical performance comparison and trend spotting.


Sales effectiveness analysis, verification of sales channels and agents’ performance. The analysis allows to see how efficiently does the company reach its customers and it constitutes support for making of strategic decisions. 

Percentage of claims and loss settlement process, case status analyses, types of claims, etc. Supplying reports on customers, claims, damages for the purpose of preparing analyses via actuarial, risk calculation support.

Obligatory and reinsurance reporting.

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