Manufacturers use the Business Intelligence solutions in order to improve communication along the entire supply chain, while trying to meet the customers' expectations. Comarch Business Intelligence supports the production sector by improving quality and efficiency of production reporting. It provides knowledge on expectations of new products and their distribution.


„Comarch completed its tasks in accordance with our expectations and the assumed business goals. The implementation team’s involvement in pursuance of the mutual success was clearly visible. We are satisfied about cooperation with the Comarch company as our long-term partner in the scope of analytical solutions." Stock Poland


Case Study: Cersanit

Production analysis


Analysing efficiency of production lines through measuring factors of production process. Optimization of costs and waste products. 


Measuring of production profitability, considering sockets and production lines in use. Comprehensive monitoring of production quality. Reducing the quantity of production waste and process losses.


The production plan completion analysis is a solution intended for managers who strive to increase production efficiency.

Product analysis


Raw material quality reporting enables instantaneous decision-making. Thanks to application of pre-defined analyses, it allows to save time and resources available.


Reports on summaries of parameters and production waste as well as alarms for the given production batch. Clear presentation of the current production parameters, specification, control limits, production diagrams.

Supply chain analysis


Predefined analyses of historical stock level, commodity reserves, stock shortages, etc. support monitoring of all the inventory movements. Control over stock levels in an important element of maintaining production flow. 


Delivery promptness analysis presents the most punctual suppliers, enables price negotiations and discounts from untimely suppliers. 


Analysis of warehouse stock movement provides a general overview of the stock level incoming and outgoing stock volume, outstanding orders, etc.


Analysis of stock rotation and turnover allows to optimize delivery times and storage space.

Returns analysis


Control reports on completion of a lot or batch are a common solution in production processes. The reports specify the percentage of waste in product lot or batch as well as the related expenditure and costs.


Analysis of returns and complaints presents ratios of defective products and products returned under warranty claims. It takes into account such factors as periodicity of returns, the most defective batches, etc.

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