Trade and distribution

The Retail sector uses the Business Intelligence solutions to enter new markets, predict the changing customer needs and optimize sales of products in the market.

Comarch Business Intelligence supports commerce and distribution, for the purpose of increasing the growth dynamism and building a competitive brand in the global market.

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Sales network analysis

The sales area analysis is one of the most important elements of corporate reporting. It visualizes the current sales situation divided into periods, products, services, regions, cities, etc. The graphs are used to generate predictive reports which present future, long-term sales performance, supporting the process of planning the supply chain. 

Monitoring of outlet profitability enables comprehensive analysis of the margin situation of the entire sales network. It enables comparative analyses in terms of periods, the most profitable products and services, etc. 

The competition comparative analysis supports pricing strategy carried out in individual regions, as part of the retail outlet network. Current information about the competitors’ prices enable real-time action within the chosen pricing strategy.

Reports based on the like for like, comparison to peers algorithms enable a better insight into operation of the sales network and measuring its effectiveness.

Customer analysis

A common method of measuring effectiveness is the conversion factor, that shows which part of the customers who visit the store actually made a purchase, and how many of them refused to do so. This leads to analyses of product attractiveness, prices and effectiveness of promotional activities. 

Analysis of customer loyalty provides information on the customer life cycle in the purchase process, their activity caused by promotional campaigns, as well as departures. Analyses of customer departures is of particular importance to a company in order to investigate the lost customer groups.

Investigation of customer preferences in terms of shopping cart is nothing else than analysis of purchase relation of products and services. This provides an advantage when planning strategies of promotional actions for individual target groups.

Stock level analysis

Analysis of in-store product rotation, in-store product movement, orders completed, goods for which additional orders were placed, incomplete orders, etc.

Analysis of stock demand is significant from the perspective of fluidity of orders for goods placed by the customers. Provision of predefined order report process influences optimization of both space and quantity of products in the store, in accordance with the assumed demand.

Marketing campaign analysis

Responses to marketing campaigns mean analysing the impact and effectiveness of the conducted campaigns on sales of products and goods.

Identification of customer target groups and behaviours reveals and enables understanding of hidden preferences, which can be used to create future campaigns and marketing events.

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