Cloud-based solutions

Monitor the current situation of your company at any time, from anywhere

To meet the expectations of mobile users, our application is responsive and accessible via web browser. It allows them to create, edit and share analysis on smartphones, tablets or laptops anywhere in the world and at any time.

Consequently, users gain access to the latest information and the traditionally prepared presentations can be replaced with interactive dashboards presented on any device. 

Manage information
and analyses

To support business managers in controlling access to sensitive information, a permissions mechanism has been prepared as part of the analytical platform. This mechanism makes it possible to manage roles and access to analysis of individual users and user groups.

Moreover, it is possible to grant and limit the permissions to preview or edit reports, dashboards or entire folders and analytical areas. It is also worth noting that data can be shared via periodic subscriptions sent by email and exported to various formats (such as xlsx, csv, pdf, png, html).  

Make decisions
based on data

One of the most important aspects determining the choice of an analytical tool is its performance during the generation of reports and analyses.

Comarch BI Point guarantees not only data loading performance along with high-quality data and immediate insight into the results, but also an option to create reports and dashboards in real time thanks to the custom-built in-memory engine.

Quick access
to company information

With Comarch BI Point, it's easy to create your own data analysis and drill down from general to specific. The tool enables visual exploration of complex data sets and makes it easier to find patterns and relationships in them.

Intuitive handling and use of drag and drop allows rapid access to information and reveals hidden relationships.

The ability to build dashboards refreshed in real time allows you to monitor the situation on the production line or display the most important KPIs without unnecessary delays.

Attractive data

Visualization of business data using clear charts, tables, indicators, maps or custom diagrams and images is the main feature of Comarch BI Point. The user has many options to customize these elements, choosing different types of charts, color palettes, number formatting, etc.

Advanced filters and interactions allow comfortable work with data, as well as adjusting the scope of displayed business information or controlling the analysis time horizon. BI Point allows you to create links and pass batch parameters between individual elements. Necessary information is also available rapidly by running clearly presented contextual reports.

Different types
of data sources in analyses

You can use different types of data sources such as OLAP cubes, MSSQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL relational databases, as well as Excel and csv files. No coding knowledge is required to create advanced analytical models, calculable measures or linking data. The management of permissions to particular areas of the data model for individual users ensures that your data are complete and properly secured.

Data from various sources
in one place

Using the multi-source mechanism it is possible to combine data from different sources using a visual wizard with the drag and drop mechanism.

BI point also allows you to create rules for data merging, advanced calculated measures or your own data hierarchies. By creating a data processing schedule, ready-to-use business analyses are available immediately, without the need to wait or overload the source systems.               

Geospatial visualizations

Comarch BI Point offers a variety of maps for data visualization and the ability to create and use your own geographic areas to show, for example, sales points or business areas

On your own maps, data can be presented in an attractive and comprehensible way, such as by in a diagram of a production line or a warehouse. This makes data visualizations even more reflective of how your business works.

Analyses anywhere

Accessing reports and analytics from any device with a modern web browser is very useful. 

The application's responsive interface adapts to the screen size of your device and allows a better experience when working with the application. The information will be clear and displayed in the most convenient form, so no matter where you are or what the circumstances are (travel, business meeting), you can get maximum use from your reports and analysis.

Data management

The repository of reports and data models allows you to manage analyses and data sources more effectively. BI Point also allows managing different privileges and user access to particular analyses.

Thanks to this, the user gets full insight into the tool: they can track the history of modifications or processing of objects. Working in international environments is also facilitated by translations for different types of analysis and data models, so one version of the report can be used by foreign language users.

Secure cooperation

The results of your work can be easily and regularly shared with others. For example, a subscription mechanism allows you to send recurring statements or reports as an attachment to an email message. Comments to dashboards and reports facilitate productive communication with colleagues.

Notification mechanisms inform about responses in observed threads, or when someone shares a new item, so you are always up to date with new information in the company.

Multi-platform and open source

BI Point Server can be installed and run on Windows and Linux operating systems. You access your analytics via the web. We use Docker and Kubernetes to build custom solutions for smaller companies as well as to provide the highest quality and high scalability for large on-premise or cloud installations.

We use open source components on a daily basis, so you are not forced to pay additional licensing costs for third-party software.

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