Cloud-based solutions

Business Intelligence in Cloud


Cloud Computing, that is cloud-based solutions, are becoming an increasingly popular way of providing IT services. A unique advantage of this type of solutions is a departure from offering servers, licences or applications in favour of a complete service.


A cloud is nothing else than applications and data stored on external servers available from any device with internet access. Cloud servers are frequently high performance computing machines, the capacity of which we can fully utilize.

A handful of facts


Economy and convenience

Cloud-based solutions are definitely more convenient and cheaper to use than traditional investments in hardware and software. 

In 2012, over 64% companies from the group of Small and Medium  Enterprises used solutions in the service model. Among large enterprises, this quantity came to 52%.


Dynamic growth

An enormous advantage is scalability at low costs of maintenance, compared to the traditional solutions, which is why cloud-based projects pay for themselves within a shorter amount of time. The forecast average annual return for cloud-based services in Poland by 2015 is 33% and is definitely higher than the average for the entire IT market, which comes to 5%.


Absolute guarantee of security

The main assumption of cloud-based solutions is application of professional server rooms, complete security and modernization of the same at no cost for the customer. These are some of the reasons why 75% of Polish entrepreneurs admits to implementation of cloud-based solutions, or avidly observes the solutions available in the market.

Comarch BI models



A solution usually dedicated to the customers’ needs, installed and run on their servers.

This model is used in large enterprises, particularly in some industries, such as banking, finance, insurance, where direct supervision over data safety is required due to regulatory requirements.

Private Cloud


A private cloud is nothing else than a possibility of purchasing the Comarch Data Center infrastructure for one's own analytical needs. 

This enables self-service of the solutions and activation of subsequent virtual machines for growing needs of the IT department.

A private cloud allows us to use the existing resources to optimize work and to use them where they are needed most.



A public cloud means servers, software and services provided by Comarch at its own Data Center. 

In this case, the proposed cloud model is SaaS (Software as a service), where Comarch offers, for instance, Social Intelligence or Optima BI.

This allows connection to the cloud via portal, and remote data analysis.

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