Dedicated solutions

The idea of BI solutions

In order to meet market and customer demands, Comarch Business Intelligence offers dedicated solutions and services.


Scope of solutions covers initial analyses phases as well as parts of development, implementation and training.


Very important part of each implementation is clients' analytical requirements research. That is why phase of analyses and solution roadmap creation is crucial and responsible for the success of IT project.

Comarch Business Intelligence offers not only solutions and dedicated services, but also integration of existing data sources and further development.


What makes our services unique?

Thanks to our knowledge and experience in delivering most demanding dedicated BI solutions, we understand needs of clients from several different branches. We can customize and deliver functional and efficient solutions which will meet the most sophisticated expectations.

This fact can be supported by our own methodology and strong role played by Comarch during every project realization. It can include not only technical support, but also consulting and transfer of our best practises developed through years of BI projects delivering.



The most often delivered solutions are:

Business analytics

Business analytics means properly conducted analyses which affect more appropriate decisions, which translates into better performance of the company.

BI dimension of controlling

Controlling is very often identified only with financial aspects of the enterprise. In fact, it is only one of its components (financial controlling).

Data Warehouses

Data warehouses are an essential element of a company IT system. Organized data provide basis for all sorts of analyses and reports – that is provision of access to all the information used in the company.

Mobile Business Intelligence

Comarch Mobile Business Intelligence are solutions providing permanent access to current information in the company – anytime and anywhere.

Advanced analytics

Comarch Business Intelligence provides information on future profit generation, proper completion of production plans.

Loyalty Data Analytics

Loyalty Data Analytics enables you to gain and use information regarding customers, their behavior and preferences. This tool draws on data from loyalty systems, CRM, marketing campaign management, as well as recording and financial systems, income registration and controlling systems. This guarantees that the analyses created are as credible as possible and reflect the market dynamics.

Financial consolidation

The Comarch Business Intelligence service consists in collection of all data required for the process of financial consolidation for groups of companies.


Comarch Business Intelligence supports the process of budgeting for the entire enterprise. Effective monitoring and plan accomplishment has significant impact on the company development,

Consulting services

Comarch Business Intelligence offers a package of trainings and support services for the most popular analytical solutions on the market.

Cloud-based solutions

Cloud Computing, that is cloud-based solutions, are becoming an increasingly popular way of providing IT services.

Online Distribution

Web app that automatically reports data about sales and warehouse stocks

Online Sales Support

Web app that comprehensively supports B2B processes

Social Media analysis

Social Intelligence is an effective method of researching opinion on the brand as well as interest in products and services in online social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.