Dedicated solutions

The idea of BI solutions

In order to meet market and customer demands, Comarch Business Intelligence offers dedicated solutions and services.


Scope of solutions covers initial analyses phases as well as parts of development, implementation and training.


Very important part of each implementation is clients' analytical requirements research. That is why phase of analyses and solution roadmap creation is crucial and responsible for the success of IT project.

Comarch Business Intelligence offers not only solutions and dedicated services, but also integration of existing data sources and further development.


What makes our services unique?

Thanks to our knowledge and experience in delivering most demanding dedicated BI solutions, we understand needs of clients from several different branches. We can customize and deliver functional and efficient solutions which will meet the most sophisticated expectations.

This fact can be supported by our own methodology and strong role played by Comarch during every project realization. It can include not only technical support, but also consulting and transfer of our best practises developed through years of BI projects delivering.



The most often delivered solutions are: