Mobile BI

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The Comarch Business Intelligence mobile application is intended for those who want to have permanent access to the latest information on the company situation, wherever they happen to be.


Comarch Business Intelligence for mobile devices allows you to make faster and more accurate decisions - anytime and anywhere.

3 steps to analyses


Making use of analyses on a mobile device is intuitive and simple, as most applications are designed in accordance with all the standards required for touch-screen devices with Multi-Touch functionality.


An additional advantage is the fact that smartphones or tablets support more gestures than a PC, so the application requires less windows and options – more actions can be carried out using a single screen.


Reports and analyses are updated automatically, in accordance with a pre-defined schedule, or they are sent directly to the device upon completion of a specified condition, e.g. when minimum stock level is exceeded.


The entire reporting process for mobile devices is divided into three simple steps:

  1. Definition of the report set which you wish to receive on your mobile device.
  2. Reception of the analyses on the phone thanks to automatic report transfer mechanism.
  3. Data analysis.

Interactivity and data analysis


Comarch Mobile Business Intelligence provides numerous possibilities of data presentation and analysis.


Reports can be presented using diagrams and tables with variable data layout. 


Functionality of the diagrams allows to read the required information in a simple manner and to present them using one of the many layouts available.


Another extra convenience is division of the data into series, allowing to change the scope of the data displayed and to browse the diagrams comfortably.


Functionalities of the tables allow to drill the data, change the display structure, filter the data, that is the most important element useful for effective data analysis.

Security of your analyses


Out of concern for security of our customers’ data, we made sure that the generated analyses went, after sending, to the mobile devices of indicated users. Thus, we can be sure that a report containing data intended for the management will go only to the mobile devices of appropriate managers.


Additionally, in order to protect the application data against unauthorized access (in case of theft or device lost), the application is provided with a password protection, which can be enabled in the settings.

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