Business analytics


Analyse data in a simple and transparent manner using Comarch Business Intelligence reporting solutions. Transform complex data into a useful and systematized knowledge in the form of lists, diagrams, maps, etc. Take advantage of the possibilities provided by ad-hoc and in-memory reporting.


Interactive manager consoles provide their users with a wide scope of information in a diverse manner, in order to display the status of current operations and enable efficient decision-making. Usage of dashboards makes the analyses more practical for the purpose of comprehensive monitoring of the company situation.

What-if analyses

A What-if analysis is a creative way of testing processes and simulating the final results. Using several versions of scenarios, we can easily simulate values, analyse process vulnerability to f/x rates or raw material prices, etc.

Performance indicators (KPI)

Key performance indicators (KPI) support companies in understanding how they perform regarding their goals and strategic tasks. In the broadest sense, KPI may be defined as provision of the most crucial information on efficiency and effectiveness of the company operations.


Presentation of data in the form of maps is becoming increasingly popular in business. The users appreciate the great value as well as new possibilities of such data analysis. Ability to organize and understand complex phenomena in business is of great importance, and thanks to the visualization, this task is much easier. 

Through combination of geographic, demographic and location data with those from company reports, we can obtain a critical and clear look, as well as optimize the most important processes.

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