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Power of Social Networks

In times of a global revolution of social media like Facebook, Twitter, any opinion on the web has its own value. The possibility of an exchange of views on social network sites are already using more than two billion people in the world (which is more than 70% of all Internet users) and this number is still increasing. In Poland, social networks like Facebook, used by over 20 million active users and nearly 14 million mobile devices.

Every minute on Facebook there are more than 700 000 new status and a half million comments. A large share of comments are entries related to the brands, products, companies, which is why it is such a valuable source of knowledge and understanding of the customer.

Comarch Social Intelligence

Comarch Social Intelligence is an effective method to survey about your brand online. It is also a tool for analysing interest on your products, services, campaigns and all events affected by the discussion on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Comarch Social Intelligence tool is also a way to respond to sudden events occurring on the Internet, in order to better protect the brand and promptly respond to customer needs. Information about the discussions and negative opinions about the brand can be monitored from the very first minutes of Comarch Social Intelligence usage.

Comarch Social Intelligence is also a wide range of analyses and periodic reports imparting comprehensive knowledge of the Internet community opinion about your brand, products, promotional campaigns and market needs. It is also a unique tool to communicate with customers, support their needs, answer their questions and concerns, as well as to find potential customers looking for product reviews. This is a new level of communication, sales support and possibility to enhance positive image of the brand.



Why monitor the Internet community?



One of the most important elements that are dealt with by marketing experts, is a good opinion about the company. Reputation on the market that has been acquired for many years, could be easily violated by the social media.

The information provided on the web or on social network sites can be easily manipulated. Intense competition makes it appear as foul play on the part of other market participants, such as the deliberate manipulation of the image of our brand in the network. In such a situation, in order to prevent such behaviour, take advantage with Comarch Social Intelligence.


Social media applications are often used to identify potential customers, market demand or newly established trends. Importantly, such a need is reported directly by the client and is not the result of estimating the factors that may be incompatible with market expectations. You can assist the client in his opinion, capture discussions and interact with them. Communities that gather in social media around, seeing the responsiveness of selected companies are more likely to give them more confidence.

A good example of this is the Zero Moment of Truth marketing concept, which refers to the moment of decision-making by the client. The first step is to research the purchase of product information, opinion about it, and the inclusion of the discussion about it. This is a great time to reach out to the customer with a positive message.


Comarch Social Intelligence is an indispensable tool to measure the results of campaigns. It allows you to test whether taken actions have been successful for the company. By monitoring the intensity of discussion on social networks, it provides invaluable knowledge on marketing activities or reactions they carry.

Important here is to consider the business strategy that is Social CRM. Its importance in the past few years significantly increased with the growth of interest in social networks. Maintaining the best possible relationships with customers by using social media has become almost the basis of marketing network. Comarch Social Intelligence, by its functionality, makes it possible to cope with the activities in the field of Social CRM.


Public opinion research, market trends and analysis of prospects were usually associated with massive costs generated by such activities. Development of social networks and their global domination caused their becoming one of main representative groups used in the surveys.

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