Planning complexity

Effectiveness and accuracy of plans, possibility of monitoring their completion and proper responding have significant impact on the company growth, profitability, market position and financial liquidity.

Budgeting process

At the beginning of a budgeting process, one should pay attention to its complexity, multi-stage nature, organizational scope, data categories, budgeting period, etc. Frequently, companies are only at the stage of defining responsibility structure for budgets, specifying formal requirements, generating budget patterns.

Comarch Business Intelligence supports tasks assignment to persons supervising the budgeting process, enables simple and effective creation of various budgets, both based on historical data and from scratch.

Technical dimension of budgeting

Frequently, complex budgeting processes are very time-consuming and labour-extensive. Many times, the same data is repeatedly duplicated throughout consecutive cycles of budget reconciliation, required sheets are lost – which could prevent the company from having an appropriate plan of actions.

Tool provided by Comarch allows to enter amounts straight into the universal model, divide values evenly or in accordance with specific weights, to add up entries, to calculate them based on any formula or to make simulations according to indexes. 

The entirety of the information is integrated with the reporting model, data coming from source systems dictionaries, and shared between numerous users with various entitlements.

Other useful functionalities:

  • Easy generation of multi-variant budgets, e.g. based on optimistic, realistic or pessimistic scenarios
  • Permanent control over the degree of budget completion
  • Flexible management of user rights – it is possible to assign rights to reading, edition or acceptance of budgets
  • Determination of diverse weights for individual elements of the budget
  • Creation of rolling budgets,which are the budgets prepared for several subsequent sub-periods (e.g. months, quarters)
  • And others.
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