Trainings and workshops

Comarch Business Intelligence offers a package of trainings for the most popular analytical solutions on the market, and primarily for the original solutions of Comarch BI. Additionally, Comarch BI, as an integrator of data warehouse solutions and third parties’ systems, also offers possibility of carrying out workshops in the scope of ETL solutions and data warehouse technologies.

Business and IT consulting

Customers who seek solutions in the IT market do not know where to start – frequently due to lack of experience with extensive Business Intelligence projects. Comarch Business Intelligence provides consulting in the scope of choosing the best and most optimal analytical solutions, it offers schedules for implementation and further direction of project development. 



Audit and solution support

Comarch Business Intelligence offers audits of solutions, proposals regarding their optimization, or taking over solution support. An audit is conducted in several steps, including: 

Problem analysis 

Remarks and observations made during analysis are collected. The actual status of the system is diagnosed, based on an analytical survey and review of documentation of the existing architecture. 

Research stage 

A description of the completed analyses of the system, servers and analytical solutions is presented. Together with results of the audit and interpretation of the same. 


Proposals of possible scenarios of solving the existing problems. Learn more, contact a Comarch Business Intelligence specialist

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