Comarch Fraud Protection software

The fraud problem

Enterprises lose billions of dollars a year due to fraud. Bogus payments, money laundering, loyalty program fraud and cyber security incidents, just to name a few. Enterprises have explored a wide variety of ways to combat fraud, including hiring additional staff which has proven ineffective. It’s time-consuming, and nearly impossible to investigate every claim. The perpetrators of fraud are highly sophisticated, and their techniques evolve quickly, often making solutions obsolete just as soon as they’re implemented.

Our solution - modern fraud protection software

Comarch Fraud Protection software significantly increases the efficiency of suspicious event detection compared to rule-based methods. The solution is based on machine learning, which is a state-of-the-art approach where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used for creating models that, based on historical data, can determine the occurrence of suspicious events with high accuracy.

Fraud protection software features

Detect anomalies and classify events

Our fraud detection software recognizes relationships and similarities between data and can detect anomalies – events that do not conform to an expected pattern in a data set.

Act in real time

Once an anomaly is detected, immediate action can be taken to prevent fraudulent activities. Our software works in real-time.

Monitor and analyze

You can easily analyze fraudulent events, extract insights, and improve your security. Reporting modules allow for an effective investigation of abusive activities. Our AI is transparent and generates explanations for its decisions.


Significant cost reduction

Enterprises and government institutions lose billions of dollars due to fraud. By implementing Comarch's fraud protection software, you can expect measurable benefits - significantly reduced losses due to our state-of-the-art fraud detection and prevention approach.

Increased productivity

Streamlining tasks creates the ability to achieve more in less time. Automated anti-fraud workflow makes your employees more productive by removing the burden of performing routine tasks, reducing the total time it takes to analyze the fraud, and allows employees to focus on more demanding and complex challenges.

Minimized reputational risk

The impact of fraud on the organization’s reputation is undoubtedly negative and can expose the company to astronomical costs. Our solution decreases this risk with its holistic view of various types of fraudulent activity.

Comarch Fraud Protection

Fraud protection use cases

Money laundering use case

Money laundering

  • Improved efficiency: significantly fewer false alarms, saved time, improved detection rate
  • Faster investigation, thanks to alert prioritization
  • Overall cost reduction
  • No need to replace your existing AML solution

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credit card fraud use case

Credit card fraud

  • Improved credit card fraud detection rate while keeping false alarms at low level
  • Increased protection of your customers
  • Real-time detection – immediate action can be taken to prevent fraudulent transactions
  • Easy integration with your existing solutions through APIs

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Telco fraud detection

Telco Fraud Detection

Proactive fraud prevention

Reduced manual review workload

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IOT fraud detection

Fraud detection within IoT Analytics Platform (IoT Connect)

  • Elimination of existing IoT anomalies and prevention of future ones
  • Streaming ingestion and real-time processing of huge volumes of data
  • Operational action triggering

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telecommunication fraud use case

Fraud prevention based on photo documentation

  • Eliminating the need to manually process all the images sent by field workers
  • Securing more revenue and better customer experience, by eliminating cases in which field technicians cheat in their task reports
  • Easier validation of the correctness of field installations and configurations to further increase service quality, improve service delivery times and ensure customer satisfaction

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loyalty fraud protection

Loyalty fraud detection

  • Proactive fraud prevention
  • Enhanced security of loyalty programs
  • Improved workload management

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Insurance claims fraud

Insurance claims fraud

  • Greater accuracy of claims handling
  • Loss ratio reduction
  • Improved productivity of your experts
  • Seamless integration with any core system

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How fraud protection software works
Comarch Anti-Money Laundering

Technology and science behind the solution

For many years, the use of rule-based information systems has been a sufficient, though not too effective, approach to detecting various types of fraud. However, fraudsters eventually began to use more advanced methods that beat rule systems. To effectively prevent and detect fraud, it is no longer enough to apply a set of rules. Artificial intelligence comes to the rescue. Using historical data and machine learning, you can search for unusual events, detect anomalies incomparably more efficiently. What's more, over time and with changing patterns of digital crime, the Comarch Fraud Protection system can learn new user behaviors on an ongoing basis. In this way, enterprises can try to foresee the intentions of fraudsters.

Comarch Fraud Protection

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