Data Center in Dresden

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Secure your data with Germany’s robust legal protections — Comarch Data Center in Dresden awaits!

Comarch's Dresden Data Center stands out as one of our most cutting-edge facilities. This state-of-the-art data center provides sophisticated data processing and storage solutions, making it an ideal choice for organizations looking to expand their IT infrastructure. By utilizing our facility, businesses benefit from specially designed spaces, eliminating the need for expensive construction and infrastructure investments. Additionally, the center meets TIA942/Rated-3 standards, guaranteeing both compliance and dependability.

Located in the heart of Germany's tech hub, Comarch's Dresden data center offers a comprehensive suite of services including managed services, cloud hosting, colocation, disaster recovery, and backup solutions.

Data Center in Dresden

Scope of Services

Why Comarch Data Center?
  • Full technological stack delivery under one contract
  • Common SLA parameters for all elements of the solution
  • Vendor lock-in avoidance / open platform components
  • Precise control on costs of the infrastructure

  • 24x7 technical assistance for all hardware and software issues
  • Internal path of escalation and very short RTO (incl. DB restore)
  • Data processing in a specific location
  • Client-specific requirements in terms of hosting

Dresden Data Center Specs

  • 300 m2 (3230 sq.ft.)
  • 32 racks
  • Total critical IT load: 0,7 MW
  • Power density available up to 10 kW per rack
  • N+1 redundancy per vault (UPS, PDU, Generator support systems)
  • 72-hour fuel storage capacity
  • 24x7x365 Security and Operations team
  • 24x7x365 CCTV monitoring
  • Centralized electronic access control system
  • Multi-factor authentication throughout facility
  • Carrier-neutral
  • Access to different on-site providers
  • Building-owned and managed
  • Air-cooled chillers
  • Hot/cold aisle containment and N+1 redundancy 
  • ISO 27001
  • Designed to meet Tier III and TIA 942 standards


Fire Protection
  • Aspiration smoke detection (VESDA)
  • Gas-based fire suppression
  • Fire resistant walls
  • Centrally monitored alarm system
Additional Amenities
  • Loading area
  • Free secure guest WiFi
  • On-site parking and storage

Why Dresden, Germany?

  • Geographical and Climate Stability: Dresden is free from major natural disasters and its relatively cool climate helps reduce cooling costs for data centers.
  • Expanding IT and Telecom Sector: Located in the Saxon Triangle, Dresden is in a region known for its rapidly growing IT and telecommunications sector.
  • Highly Educated Workforce: Home to top technical universities and research institutions, Dresden offers a vast pool of skilled engineers and IT professionals.
  • Renewable Energy Sources: Dresden benefits from Germany's leadership in renewable energy, providing access to green power resources.
  • Robust Economy: As Europe's largest economy, Germany provides a strong economic environment that supports business and technological growth.
  • Strong Legal Framework for Data Protection: Germany's strict data protection laws ensure high standards of data security and privacy.
  • Data Center in Dresden

    Chemnitzer Str. 59b
    01187 Dresden

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