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Due to changes in the market of IT infrastructure, an experienced technological partner is indispensable for business development today. The IT environment in the hands of engineers and analysts from Comarch is a guarantee of continuity and system availability requirements. Comarch offers a wide range of IT services, which are always tailored to individual customer needs. Large and medium enterprises often choose to outsource IT systems and services to improve core competencies and reduce operating costs. Meet Comarch IT Outsourcing Services, Comarch IT Integration and Comarch Business Continuity.

IT Outsourcing


Comarch for several years has provided outsourcing services for companies that want to optimize the costs associated with IT support. Our services include the most complete end-user support (Service Desk and station care), the administration of LAN/WAN, server infrastructure and security infrastructure, as well as the management of IT processes in accordance with best practices, latest recommendations (e.g. ITIL) and service level agreement (SLA). Comarch also provides services related to advanced server, matrix, or database systems, i.e. all critical systems of key business importance, which are also the most demanding in terms of availability and reliability. In order to fulfill customers’ needs, Comarch provides services remotely and locally, at client’s premises.


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Comarch IT Outsourcing

IT Integration


This is a group of services designed to adjust the customer's IT infrastructure to new and rapidly changing business and technical requirements. Comarch supports clients from the preliminary analysis and design of the new IT platform, through delivery of appropriate equipment and software, to the implementation phase. Integration services include both starting-up new systems on new platforms, expanding the functionality by updating software, migration between systems, and consolidation or virtualization of currently used environments. That’s how the technology supports business development.


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Comarch IT Integration

Business Continuity


Thanks to this group of services Comarch customers do not have to worry about the availability of their IT systems and can be sure that consequences of failures or disasters are minimized. The return to the state before the failure will be as fast as possible. Our high availability solutions are dedicated to clients in whose case even a few minutes of unavailability of a critical system may result in huge losses. For that reason, based on a ready-to-use office space in Krakow and Warsaw, Comarch offers customers the spare office for their key employees. The first step towards reducing the number of accidents and minimizing their consequences is the IT audit carried out by our experienced engineers and analysts. Trust the experts. 


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Comarch Business Continuity

IT Outsourcing and Integration services today

The digital world is emerging in every area of life and business. Over the past 30 years IT outsourcing has evolved greatly. From small IT call centers in India to international corporations and a market that is worth trillions of dollars. Nowadays, IT outsourcing has been identified as a great model for reducing operating costs and increasing profit margins, whilst not losing a high quality of provided services. In today’s competitive marketplace and with new mega trends, it is becoming more and more important to outsource IT to reliable and professional partners.

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