Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Comarch Data Center Infrastructure Management: An All-in-one Product for Planning and Managing Telecommunications and IT Networks

The construction of any telecommunications and IT networks requires cataloging the basic infrastructure information, based on which the network properties are developed. Buildings are the elements that require the most time for the extension, construction, or adaptation of ready-made buildings to install telecommunications and IT installations. This is why they must meet the strict requirements that determine the possibilities of network development.

The Data Center Infrastructure Management System by Comarch supports the network throughout its entire lifecycle. Whether you need small rooms in peripheral locations or huge data centers that are the heart of extensive systems, the dcim system will scale to your needs.

The parameters collected with the DCIM solution can be divided into two main groups:

  • Metric parameters: address, owner, building plans, security, and other information needed to manage the facility itself. They form the basis for the planning of the expansion by the planning engineers.
  • Physical parameters of the rooms: available floor space, load-bearing parameters, and room height, for telecommunications and IT equipment installation.

Our product collects all the necessary metric and physical building data and parameters to optimize space usage for potential network development. It can detect faulty modules and delegate service provision to backup modules, ensuring continuous availability and quality of services through overwriting relationships between logical and physical elements.

Benefits of Comarch Data Center Infrastructure Management:

Streamlined infrastructure planning and maintenance

The system maintains optimal temperature and humidity, access to control installations, supports an appropriate room access policy, and fire protection systems.

Optimal space utilization

Thanks to DCIM systems, it is possible to reduce the costs of adapting rooms, and optimize the use of space for installations in the course of operation.

Support for Augmented Reality

Augmented reality functions can help technicians locate faulty modules in the server room and provide additional information while performing maintenance work.

Dynamic parameter relationships

Appropriate mechanisms can dynamically reassign the physical relationships between network elements and functions, as well as the relationships typical of virtual elements.

Automation of virtualized networks

Policy-based automation enables dynamic energy management, service sustainability, fault detection, and governing building installations.

Extensive analytics and simulation features

Advanced measurements and simulations of critical system failures implemented in Comarch DCIM product allow for the design and expansion of the network more thoroughly.

Future-ready infrastructure

The system swiftly adapts to any changes in the infrastructure, allowing for the easy introduction of new technologies to telecommunications and IT networks.

Reduced carbon footprint

The infrastructure management system allows for control of energy sources and consumption through automatic policies.

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