Comarch completes phase one of Fault Management system implementation for Netia

Comarch has successfully completed the first phase of a project to implement the Comarch Fault Management system for Netia, executed in the second half of 2017. The solution enables telecommunications companies to detect and quickly resolve problems with a service or network.

The first phase of the implementation project involved installation of equipment at the site indicated by Netia, deployment of the operating system, databases and the Comarch Fault Management solution, as well as configuration and integration with the Netia Group’s network systems. At this stage of the project, Comarch prepared a hardware platform needed to install the solution. The operating system and databases were also deployed. As a next step, the Fault Management system was implemented. After the system was started up, the proper integration began of the part of the network infrastructure identified by Netia as critical and requiring to be monitored once the services are launched.

“We got down to work on the project soon after the proof of concept presentation, which was very well received and convinced Netia to implement the full solution,” said Paweł Workiewicz, Integrated Assurance and Analytics Business Unit Director at Comarch. The major challenge with the project was its ambitious timeline – the existing fault management solution was to soon be turned off due to nearing expiry of the service contract with the partner maintaining the Netia Group’s network. By that time, the necessary integration work had to be completed for all business critical systems. Thanks to many years of IT system integration experience in the telecom industry and the flexibility of the Comarch Fault Management solution, the work was completed ahead of schedule.

We are satisfied with how it went. Fast implementation of the systems critical to network monitoring was our priority, and Comarch managed to meet all expectations. This was one of the factors that made the entire network maintenance insourcing process a complete success, as demonstrated by lower costs and, importantly, by improved indicators, including a lower rate of failures affecting clients, and faster incident response,” said Marcin Palkowski, Director of Technology and Network Management at Netia S.A. 

Work is under way on the second phase of the project, involving integration of the remaining components of the network architecture, which are now packaged in bundles. This approach will expedite integration of business critical network monitoring systems.  

About Netia

Netia provides comprehensive, user-friendly online solutions and multimedia entertainment. Its services are targeted at private users, businesses and institutions.

The Netia Group is one of the largest telecom operators in Poland, with a headcount of almost 2,000 people based in 70 locations across Poland. The Group includes Netia S.A., Internetia Sp. z o.o., Telefonia Dialog Sp. z o.o., Petrotel Sp. z o.o., and TK Telekom Sp. z o.o. 

Netia (then R.P Telekom) was founded in early 1990s by a group of passionate Polish entrepreneurs, backed by US telecom investors. Initially, it provided voice services, subsequently adding data transmission, broadband and pay digital TV services to its range.

The Company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2000. The largest shareholders are Polish investors including Mennica Polska, FIP 11 FIZ, Nationale-Nederlanden OFE, Aviva OFE, and PZU OFE Złota Jesień.

The fiber-optic backbone network used by the Netia Group is almost 20,000 kilometres long, 

interconnecting the Group’s metropolitan area networks in over 50 cities and providing about a dozen independent international connections. The Group operates over 30,000 telecommunications facilities (buildings, cabinets, shelters, towers), and has over 81,000 points of presence.

According to estimates, the Netia network coverage reaches over 70% of class A and B office buildings in Poland, with over 2.5 million units within the range of Netia Group companies’ own access networks.

Every third own connection has a data rate of over 100 Mbs. Under the 21st Century Network programme, the Netia network is to be fully upgraded to fibre optic by 2020.

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