Comarch Loyalty Management Travel Edition at Jetblue Airways

JetBlue Airways is an American airline founded in 1998 and headquartered in New York. The carrier has features of both a legacy and a low-cost airline. Its main base is JFK Airport in New York, where the airline possesses its own Terminal 5. JetBlue operates non-stop flights between American and Caribbean airports.

The fleet consists of modern Airbus 320 and Embraer 190 airplanes comprising a total number of 215 aircraft. Every seat provides passengers with access to TV and radio channels, available via a satellite connection.

Implemented solutions

Comarch Loyalty Management Travel Edition

With tailored solution dedicated to companies in the transport and tourism sector, particularly airlines, the platform helps build and manage different models of loyalty programs targeted on individual members as well as on B2B customers.

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Comarch Customer Engagement for JetBlue Airways

Business challenges


The JetBlue Airways launched the TrueBlue customer appreciation program in 2002. Passengers were granted a set amount of points for each type of trip: short, medium or long-haul. Double points were awarded for flights booked online. For every 100 points earned, a program member earned a roundtrip flight if redemption seats for a requested flight remained available. The airline revamped its loyalty scheme in 2009 and began to grant clients three points for every dollar spent towards a flight, excluding taxes and fees. Online booking is promoted with additional points and every seat on every flight is available for redemption. The amount of points required for redemption depends on the fare of the requested flight in USD. In 2013 the expiration of points was removed.


The carrier was looking for an IT system to support the following functionalities:


  • Revenue based point accrual – points for purchasing tickets and other onboard services, co-branded credit card usage and transactions from partners
  • Activity based point expiration – points won’t expire as long as a member either flies or uses their co-branded AmEx card over a 12 month period of time
  • Redemptions for any available seat - any seat that is available for regular purchase can also be purchased using TrueBlue points, “No blackout dates”
  • Automatic retro claims with promotion reprocessing

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