Smart Objects

Do you analyze latest trends in technology? Do you want to be a leader in implementing the fourth industrial revolution concept in your own company? Do you consider that very soon your machinery park and even your products can communicate automatically between each other and with your employees and customers?

Now, together, we can work out a solution which will allow for applying the Industry 4.0 idea in your factory, even if you don’t own the most modern machinery park.

Effective communication

Many sensors are already used in the industrial automation – temperature gauges, smoke, light, movement and proximity sensors allow for recording a range of information which takes place both during the manufacturing process and in daily use of products you produce and provide service for.

However, these sensors are becoming part of Smart Objects owing to wireless communication. This is enabled on the basis of Comarch platform which combines Comarch IoT Platform solution with a range of outlying devices (your sensors and devices) and beacons.

Comarch delivers also devices built according to your individual needs, which may be equipped with communication modules and data exchange interfaces.

Intelligent analyzing of data and managing of business rules

Information derived from sensors and other devices can be sent automatically and wirelessly in order to run processing of successive activities not only within your factory but also in production halls of your cooperators or even directly in your customers’ homes.

Within Comarch IoT Platform, you can set business rules which will determine what should happen in case if temperature gauge indicates 30 degrees, RFID reader recognizes code of particular piece of finished product or illuminance decreases below 30 lx.

Possibility to exchange information with Comarch ERP

An evident system for communicating with Smart Objects is obviously ERP software for managing a company, equipped with functionalities dedicated for manufacturing, for example, Comarch ERP Enterprise. A job order can be sent from the ERP system not only to a machine located in your production hall but also to the one standing in a distant location and, finishing a given manufacturing stage, recorded by a sensor, can be a signal for particular department or device that it is necessary to prepare workplace for the purpose of processing subsequent production stage. We are eager to talk about possible integration places in your case.

Possible applications in practice

• Displaying data about production parameters in real-time on one screen, also in case of machines which are not equipped with communication interfaces delivered by the manufacturer
• Running a subsequent stage of manufacturing process after transmitting a signal that processing of a previous one has been completed by given machine
• Managing illumination level of a production hall on the basis of information about illuminance or traffic detected in a given zone
• Automatic ordering of service job in case aberrations in machine operation are detected by sensors before a serious malfunction occurs
• Collecting data about how products are used by end users, in order to take advantage of it to improve a product and submit suggestions for upselling of products or services

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