Comarch is an end-to-end supplier of best-in-class loyalty marketing solutions and expertise. We specialize in designing and managing customer loyalty and rewards programs that build deeper and more profitable customer relationships. Comarch Loyalty Management helps you leverage customer loyalty as a tool for the growth of your enterprise while simultaneously reducing complexity and boosting your bottom line.

For decades Comarch’s loyalty solutions has been an industry leader and trendsetter. As loyalty programs gain in popularity, so do the wants and needs of the user… and the demands on the technology. Comarch Loyalty Management continues to trailblaze the loyalty space by utilizing advanced AI algorithms to help you to truly understand your customers and keep you safe from fraud.

Key Features

Loyalty Management
Campaign Management
Customer Engagement
Location Based Services
Social Mining
Business Intelligence

Products Powered by AI:

Loyalty Management

Create and manage personalized loyalty programs to build stronger relations with your audience.

CLM Cloud

Watch over the entire loyalty program lifecycle from the Cloud.

Loyalty Management for Travel

Build long-lasting customer relationships using a modern IT product designed for the travel industry.

Social Mining

Create new forms of online communication using modern marketing tools.

Business Intelligence

Make better business decisions while managing your loyalty programs and marketing campaigns.

Location-Based Services

Enabling real-time client communication via a robust mobile application.

Managed Services

Helping you better understand your clients’ needs.

Campaign Management

Define and manage multi-channel marketing campaigns to deliver the right message to the right audience.

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