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What are Comarch Managed Services?

Comarch supports companies from all over the world by helping them build future-proof innovative programs so they could retain their customers, increase revenue and maximize customer engagement.

With the support of our advanced services, as well as our cross-industry expertise, you will be able to better track, understand and reward your customers for their commitment. Find out how we can enhance your digital marketing experience using advanced IT services for loyalty program design and optimization.  

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Loyalty Consulting 

Creating and optimizing loyalty programs is a complex, resource-consuming process that requires you to approach it from the strategic, the financial and the IT reference point. 

In order to be highly competitive in a fast-changing technological landscape, businesses decide to work with external IT service providers so they could help them manage the entire loyalty lifecycle. From the initial program strategies & the first concepts to advanced data analytics & multi-channel campaign management, many companies opt for comprehensive solutions that not only will meet their business needs, but also provide something new, practical, and inspiring

This is where Comarch comes up in the conversation. 

Loyalty Consulting

Program Management Services

Each company constantly strives for increasing the efficiency of its operations in the pursuit of increasing revenue. What helps to achieve success in these areas is the right people as they know how to optimize your business processes efficiently.

With our support, both you and your co-workers can focus your energy on others goals that will guarantee your company's growth, leaving the management of numerous marketing processes or software applications designed to enhance customer experience (especially digital and social CX) to us. All you need to do is put trust in our abilities. 

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Program Management Services

Customer Analytics

It is undeniable that the knowledge about your customers (their product preferences, shopping history, etc.) is crucial for making the right business decisions as well as creating highly effective marketing campaigns. 

Therefore, in order to have an even better understanding of how to address your clients' needs, you should gather data from as many sources as possible (shopping transactions, demographics, social media activity) and use this valuable information to create customer-focused business strategies.

We can provide with a set of professional tools to help you collect, analyze, and interpret data gathered from multiple sources so you could use that information while creating successful, customer-oriented business strategies. 

Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

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