Managed Services

Comarch supports brands from all over the world in building future-proof innovative programs, or redesignign existing ones, in order to retain customers, increase revenue and maximize engagement between customers and the brand.

We offer strategy, technology, analytics, professional services and multi-industry expertise in order to develop programs that track, understand and reward customers - while delivering a unique customer value at the same.

Our services are provided by a team of experienced analysts, consultants and program managers with extensive experience and expertise in implementing and managing marketing projects across various industry verticals.

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Loyalty Consulting 

Creating or optimizing a loyalty program is a complex, resource-consuming process that requires integration of strategic, financial and IT perspectives. With heavy competition and a fast-changing technological landscape, companies are progressively looking for service providers that can help manage the entire loyalty life cycle. From program strategy and concept, to big data analytics, to technology, to campaign management and service fulfillment across multiple channels.


Loyalty Consulting

Loyalty Consulting

Program Management Services

Each company strives towards increasing the efficiency of its operations in the pursuit of increasing revenue. One factor that helps to garner success in these areas is the presence of the right people in the right positions. That’s where their valuable time and effort should be optimized.

You and your co-workers should focus all your energy on further development of the business and maintaining your company’s competitive edge, rather than operational management of various marketing processes and handling software applications designed to boost overall customer experience (especially digital and social CX).


Program Management Services

Program Management Services

Customer Analytics

A company’s success largely depends on its customer’s beliefs and choices. Business decisions require extensive knowledge on who the customers are and how they think. As a consequence, businesses need to keep an eye on various pieces of data from multiple sources (transactions, demographics, unstructured, social media activities) on a regular basis.

We provide support and assist with collecting, analyzing, and interpreting big data so it will be useful in creating customer-focused business strategies. 


Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

Our Clients



    Comarch Loyalty Management for BP GLOBAL
  • Heathrow Airport

    Heathrow Airport

    Comarch Loyalty Management for Heathrow Airport
  • Jetblue Airways

    Jetblue Airways

    Comarch Loyalty Management Travel Edition at Jetblue Airways
  • Hudson’s Bay Company

    Hudson’s Bay Company

    Comarch Loyalty Management implementation at Hudson’s Bay Company
  • True Value

    True Value

    Comarch Loyalty Management implementation at True Value
  • Brussels Airlines

    Brussels Airlines

    Implementation of Comarch Loyalty Management for Brussels Airlines
  • Enterprise Rent-a-Car

    Enterprise Rent-a-Car

    Comarch Loyalty Management for Enterprise Rent-a-Car
  • Livelo Brasil

    Livelo Brasil

    Implementation of Coamrch Loyalty Management at Livelo Brasil
  • Natura Brasil

    Natura Brasil

    Implementation of Comarch Loyalty Management
  • Vingroup


    Vingroup a coalition loyalty program in Asia
  • S7 Airlines

    S7 Airlines

    Comarch Loyalty Management at S7 Airlines
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