DIAMETRICS® Loyalty Program Health Check Methodology

Making sure that your loyalty program is in shipshape condition


DIAMETRICS®  is our proprietary methodology for conducting an in-depth health check analysis of a loyalty program. Using this framework, we can evaluate the program's KPIs in reference to industry benchmarks in order to identify areas of underperformance and determine its strengths and weaknesses

The findings are consolidated into a single DIAMETRICS® Loyalty Program Health Check Report, which also includes recommendations on the design of the loyalty program, as well as advice on how to make improvements in each of the reviewed areas.

Competition Check-Up

Following the principles of DIAMETRICS®, we can perform a full analysis of rivaling loyalty programs. It’s a highly effective method of getting to know how one's competitors are doing in terms of keeping their members engaged. It involves the evaluation of:

  • Loyalty program policies (e.g., the complexity of the registration process)
  • Main loyalty program differentiators (USPs)
  • Features and member benefits 
  • Marketing channel strategies
Competition Check-Up

Business Performance Check-Up

To set up and run a successful loyalty program, you need to define goals and KPIs as those will help your business monitor the outcomes. Just a few of them can reveal how your program is doing.

  • Alignment with overall business goals
  • Active/inactive members and data quality
  • Program penetration
  • Average transaction value (ATV) uplift
  • Retention / churn rate
  • Redemption rate
Business Performance Check-Up

Financial Check-Up

Loyalty program liabilities and revenues make for a significant part of the company’s balance sheet, as well as its income statement accounts. These financial items mainly depend on the loyalty program's value and members' behavior, thus they can be represented by:

  • Breakage (Loyalty Currency)
  • Loyalty Program Liabilities
  • Cost-Per-Point
  • Operational costs of the running program (overheads, communication campaigns)
Financial Check-Up

Customer Satisfaction Check-Up

Customers who are not satisfied with your products and services can still cost you a lot of money. With DIAMETRICS®, we can effectively measure customer satisfaction (via a carefully designed survey) to determine where you currently stand. We can check:

  • The immersiveness of your loyalty program and its parts (rewarding speed, status levels, etc.)
  • Clients' willingness to recommend the program to their friends and family (NPS)
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
  • Customer Journey Consistency
Customer Satisfaction Check-Up

Technology Check-Up

Thanks to DIAMETRICS®, we can easily analyze your company's IT infrastructure, as well as its policies and operations related to the loyalty program. Our goal is to evaluate:

  • System performance, architecture and integrations
  • Robustness of Business Processes (determining the risk of fraudulent activity)
  • Scalability & Upgrade Readiness
  • Customer Touchpoints Design

DIAMETRICS® is a COMARCH registered trademark.

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