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The fast development of social networking platforms and the new forms of online communication has caused a change in modern marketing tools.


It is imperative to track and measure spontaneous and reliable opinions surrounding brands and products, and to develop strategies that build customer engagement and strengthen their direct relationships with enterprises through social media.

That’s why it is also essential to use social mining techniques to discover and understand customers’ needs, their behavior expressed on social media, and to enhance existing loyalty program strategies. Loyalty program vendors, attempting to get closer to their members, are shifting to data sources such as social media. They are also using machine learning algorithms to identify behavioral patterns in data and classify customers more effectively. As a result, they see rising customer satisfaction, engagement and loyalty thanks to better targeted marketing campaigns relevant to their customers’ real needs. Overall, the ability to adapt loyalty programs to meet prevailing market requirements could become a key factor in their success.

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Comarch Social Mining is a social media monitoring system. As a module complementary to the other Comarch CRM & Marketing platform applications, it enables the integration of loyalty program management processes based on transactional data and omnichannel communication history with social media behavior and engagement data. The applications functionality is based on three pillars:

  • Collect
  • Listen
  • Analyze
  • Detailed data on the behavior of loyalty program members on selected social media platforms
  • Enriched loyalty program member profiles, including information on social media activity and engagement
  • Thanks to the above, more precise segmentation becomes possible 
  • The spheres module lets users define specific business keywords, analyze trends and sentiment, and even discover brand ambassadors and opinion leaders.
  • Monitoring how loyalty program members interact with a specific type of content on social media
  • Listening to loyalty program members’ spontaneous opinions on social media, and meeting their expectations to enhance loyalty program tactics
  • Keyword tracking as a method of verifying the brand’s reputation and gaining competitive insight
  • Sentiment analysis to identify business areas with negative reputations.
  • Detailed analysis of customer activity and engagement, along with unique numerical data
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of social media content – response, engagement analysis and campaign life cycle 
  • Ranking and segmentation based on demographics and customer behavior
  • Discovering brand ambassadors and opinion leaders in selected domains



  • Possibility to encourage members to connect their loyalty program accounts to the social media ones – a unique chance to gain additional personal information
  • Ability to manage integrated, comprehensive data regarding loyalty program members within the CRM & Marketing platform and discover customer opinions and requirements, thanks to the extension of marketing activities via social media
  • Full integration with Comarch Loyalty Management makes it possible to enrich customer profiles based on social media engagement data while the quality of marketing communication with customers is also improved
  • Ability to incentivize specific social media actions such as for example shares which help feed new customer acquisition
  • Improved segmentation based on additional social attributes of clients - a new way in which companies may segment customers, taking into consideration combined, comprehensive customer information
  • Ability to focus on the most influential customers and brand ambassadors
  • Access to information on the trends, sentiment and involvement of customers and their spontaneous comments and keyword engagements 
  • Great tool for benchmarking against competitors, not only in terms of the brand but also regarding particular marketing actions by measuring the volume and sentiment of conversation around them
  • Ability to improve overall loyalty program strategy based on real opinions and customer needs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Comarch Social Mining?

    Comarch Social Mining is a social media monitoring application, which is the module of Comarch Loyalty Management platform, with analytical capabilities referring to loyalty program members. In other words, it’s a tool that upgrades loyalty programs with a social context and gives the ability to monitor behaviour of loyalty program members on social media based on the user defined criteria and required data sources. The solution also provides the ability to discover the most influential loyalty program members, based on specified domains, such as social media users, fan pages and social media accounts, keyword categories.

    This comprehensive approach to the social media analysis gives CSM platform users a unique opportunity to, first, change the attitude to social media from an isolated marketing channel, to the integrated part of loyalty management processes and, on the other hand, quickly improve loyalty program strategy based on trends and trustworthy program members opinions.

  • 2. Which social media platforms does Comarch Social Mining monitor?

    As Comarch Loyalty Management is integrated with Facebook and Twitter, Comarch Social Mining uses data from these sources to provide sophisticated analytics. 

  • 3. What differentiates Comarch Social Mining from other social media monitoring applications?

    Comarch Social Mining, as a module complementary to the Comarch CRM & Marketing platform. The platform concept assumes integration of loyalty program management processes based both on transactional data, omnichannel communication history, social media behaviour and engagement data.

    Thanks to connection of the loyalty program members profiles with their accounts on social media, Comarch Social Mining can capture relevant data from various social media platforms. All the social profiles data are gathered within one database along with the entire communication and engagement history. A Comarch Social Mining user can analyze behaviour of every customer on social media by using an intuitive application enhanced with dashboards and gauges that are based on sentiment, keyword and influence analysis, ranks, scores and finally social content effectiveness.

  • 4. How Comarch Social Mining implementation upgrades loyalty program tactics

    Thanks to the information gathered in the CSM application, based on social statistics of engagement, a loyalty program provider can enrich a customer’s profile provided by the Comarch Loyalty Management tool and gather extra social based behavioural data about the customer. As a result, it enables users to define more precise, personalized communication, reward program members additionally and segment them based on their social media activity. 

  • 5. What are the main functional components of the system?

    Comarch Social Mining supports following functionalities:

    • Dashboard – that is the central part of the Comarch Social Mining application, that presents and visualizes social media data based on the predefined templates and related to the functionalities supported by the System.

    • Spheres - collect all relevant conversations enabling companies to track and measure activity around their brands and products. They can be used to monitor social media user’s activities based on system user defined phrases or keywords.

    • Customer Management - provides complete information about the loyalty program members and their activities performed on social media

    • Segmentation - provides ability to create social media attributes based, filterable audience segments to identify and capitalize on loyalty program marketing opportunities. Segmentation criteria are defined in CSM based on loyalty program member information and could be then used in Comarch Loyalty Management to improve loyalty program offers targeting.

    • Content reviewer - provides ability to analyse effectiveness of social media content published on Facebook fan pages connected with Comarch Loyalty Management. System gives ability to use in Comarch Social Mining IDs of published posts to further customer engagement monitoring and providing of content effectiveness statistics.

  • 6. How the system is accessible?

    Comarch Social Mining is an on-premises solution and is accessible online via browser. The tool is supported by the common browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox). To access the platform, system user must be registered in Comarch Loyalty Management application and use provided login and password.

  • 7. Languages

    Languages supported by CSM are used to configure user interface settings, sentiment analysis and exported/imported. By default, agreed language is inherited across the entire implementation.

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