Comarch Loyalty Management Cloud

Comarch Loyalty Management (CLM) Cloud is a comprehensive, modular loyalty application that allows companies to efficiently manage the complex loyalty program lifecycle.

The solution is available in the cloud model with the subscription payment plan. Comarch clients can enjoy the full functionality of the application after just a few weeks from the moment that the contract is signed, without the need for time-consuming project implementation. With the CLM system you can create and execute unique customer engagement programs, effectively manage memberships and rewards, interact with customers across multiple channels and track loyalty system performance.

  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • All-in-One Solution
  • Following in Real-Time


Comarch's reputation, gained from many years of loyalty management development and implementations all over the world, means that the number of clients is constantly growing. Successful projects for global market leaders in the oil and gas, retail and consumer goods, travel, airlines, financial services and other sectors confirm the system's maturity and the possibility of implementing a loyalty program in any business configuration. The system supports real-time management of program registration and participants, segmentation, marketing campaigns, rewarding and multi-channel communication, as well as fraud protection and reporting, all within one tool.


Despite the system's maturity and wide range of available functionalities, the CLM Cloud offer is designed to provide clients with functional system updates implemented in accordance with the Comarch roadmap. The system enables business configuration in relation to retail aspects of loyalty program implementation and integration with external systems thanks to Open Rest API and file interfaces. If it is necessary to adapt the system to the unique requirements of our clients and business development, it is possible to upgrade to the Enterprise version without losing any data and with no interruptions to the loyalty program.

All-In-One Solution

Comarch Loyalty Management Cloud offers a complete set of advanced functionalities typical of Enterprise solutions, while maintaining cost optimization based on monthly subscription fees. It enables implementation of a program providing customer experience, continuous lifetime value control of program participants, and omnichannel communication based on embedded custom components and integrated through external systems with CLM Cloud.  The system supports program implementation in the stand-alone and multi-partner models, ensuring full accountability (both at the level of cooperation with partners and in the context of loyalty program participants), implementation of cross-selling actions and targeted promotions.

Following In Real-Time

Comarch Loyalty Management Cloud provides real-time data exchange with external data sources, such as cash registers, EPR and CRM systems, BI and data warehouses, billing systems, and gift card systems. At the same time, based on integrated data, it supports omnichannel communication in real time, through integrated channels based on dynamically changing customer attributes.

Countless Benefits for your Business


  • Advanced functionalities
  • Modular approach
  • Free updates
  • System updates included in the price
  • The highest data protection standards

Cost Efficiency

  • No license fees
  • No implementation costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Transparent CLM subscription fees
  • Pay for actually used system components only


  • Simple installation and configuration process
  • Available via web browsers
  • Access to Comarch Managed Services
  • Easy-to-integrate API

The Offer

Full Spectrum of Cost-efficient Possibilities. You Know What Your Business Needs Best. Customize Your Solution with More Features.

  • Standard Offer
  • Additional Modules
  • Services

Access to the advanced functionality of the Comarch Loyalty Management system via the Internet, in 24/7 mode, enabling the launch of a multi-channel, advanced loyalty program thanks to:

Business Administration Application (BA)

Module supporting all administrative functions necessary to configure the system, as well as operational functions dedicated to administrators and business users

Contact Center Application (CC)

Module providing access to the full profile and data of the loyalty program participants, aimed at streamlining the processes related to the management of program participants, their accounts and communication

Set of interfaces

A set of interfaces for integration with external applications, including access to the REST API and file interface

    Extending the functional scope of the system with additional modules:

    Member Mobile Application

    application available for iOS and Android operating systems, giving participants access to information about program details via the mobile channel

    Member Web Portal

    a website that gives participants access to information about program details via a web channel

      Operators of loyalty programs can quickly configure their selected strategy in respect of customer experience, rewards, communication and segmentation, and launch the program in selected channels:

      Access to Comarch specialists

      Access to Comarch specialists during business configuration of the system. Comarch Loyalty Management will be supplied with relevant data and parameterized so that it can perform business-defined tasks


      Training conducted by Comarch specialists will give you detailed instructions on system operation, as well as practical examples of its use

      Technical support services

      Technical support services provided to clients in 24/7 mode. Comarch Loyalty Management Cloud is updated regularly to provide clients with access to the latest functionalities and improvements

      System documentation

      System documentation, including all e-documents necessary for using the system, describing functions, interfaces and operation in detail, enabling flawless integration with external applications

      Provision of Managed Services

      Constant client support in system management processes. Both the scope and duration of the Managed Services can be tailored to your requirements. The three packages offered by Comarch guarantee the selection of the offer best suited to your needs


      Integration with third-party applications – provided by Comarch or certified Comarch partners.

        Comarch Loyalty Management Cloud is Just a Few Steps Away!



        Comarch Loyalty Management system is appreciated by many clients who constantly inspire our specialists to adjust and improve the solution’s functionality to meet changing business needs. The availability of the CLM system in the cloud model allows you to benefit from this solution on a subscription basis, without having to pay license fees and wait for completion of the implementation process. You can launch your new loyalty program in only a couple of weeks of selecting Comarch Loyalty Management Cloud.



        We always assist our clients in the key configuration process, which is crucial for the success of their loyalty program. Firstly, our experienced specialists train your employees to use the system efficiently, and then parameterize it in accordance with the program implementation strategy defined by the client. We assure you that working with Comarch solutions will be easy and intuitive. To ensure a perfect omnichannel experience we offer integration with already existing clients’ systems.



        The wide range of possibilities and advanced mechanisms of Comarch Loyalty Management have never been so user-friendly. Now, changing the settings of processes such as signing up, points accrual, reward claim, contact center support, complaint management and reporting is accessible to business users at any time.


        Support In The Implementation Of Your Loyalty Program


        Comarch will be there for you and your employees, to assist, provide training and adjust your CLM Cloud.

        The daily work of marketers associated with loyalty program implementation is quite a challenge. In order to optimize the resources that our clients should use for permanent, operational tasks related to system configuration, Comarch specialists have prepared the following offer:

        • The Initial Business Configuration
        • System Update
        • Managed Services
        • The initial business configuration is performed by Comarch engineers. It involves adjusting the system  to specific requirements before launching the loyalty program
        • Comarch specialists cooperate with the client on the following issues:

        → Performing analysis of business and configuration requirements to identify requirements and confirm configuration needs
        → Describing and analyzing the main aspects of the implementation of processes such as signing up, points calculations, reward claim, contact center support, complaint management and reporting
        → Providing configuration elements based on simple templates completed using business language
        → The final system configuration, after prior testing and approval by the client
        → The system launch

        • New versions of the system are developed in accordance with a roadmap, which is the result of continuous analysis of our clients’ needs. The functional scope of CLM Cloud is updated regularly and free of charge as part of the subscription fee. Thus, the longer the cooperation, the richer the system functionality
        • Installation of system updates will not result in data loss, and will be carried out by Comarch with no interference with current work
        • Comarch guarantees backward system and API compatibility. This ensures no disruptions in the operation of applications integrated with the system
        • Managed Services rely on ongoing client support in the system management processes by the Comarch Program Manager
        • Managed Services are provided by Comarch long enough to provide the client with the most convenient conditions for program implementation using the Comarch Loyalty Management Cloud system
        • The scope of Managed Services is tailored to the client’s needs. Comarch has prepared three packages with different quantitative limits for the configuration of individual system components and the timeline for Managed Services provision
        • Fees for Managed Services provision are calculated on a monthly basis, depending on the variant chosen by the client

        Comarch Loyalty Management Versions


        CLM Enterprise

        CLM Cloud


        Allows you to adapt the CLM system to the specific concept of a loyalty program in the implementation model

        It enables the use of advanced CLM functionality in a short time, based on the subscription model


        Delivery Model




        Project Implementation  + License




        System Modules

        Business Administration



        Contact Center



        Member Web Portal



        Member Mobile Application



        Business to Partner



        Logistics Module



        In Store-App




         Loyalty program Model











         System Interfaces

        Rest API



        File Interface



        Data Hub Module




        System Updates

        Free Minor Releases






        Our Clients

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          BP GLOBAL

          Comarch Loyalty Management for BP GLOBAL
        • Heathrow Airport

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          Comarch Loyalty Management for Heathrow Airport
        • Jetblue Airways

          Jetblue Airways

          Comarch Loyalty Management Travel Edition at Jetblue Airways
        • Hudson’s Bay Company

          Hudson’s Bay Company

          Comarch Loyalty Management implementation at Hudson’s Bay Company
        • True Value

          True Value

          Comarch Loyalty Management implementation at True Value
        • Brussels Airlines

          Brussels Airlines

          Implementation of Comarch Loyalty Management for Brussels Airlines
        • Enterprise Rent-a-Car

          Enterprise Rent-a-Car

          Comarch Loyalty Management for Enterprise Rent-a-Car
        • Livelo Brasil

          Livelo Brasil

          Implementation of Coamrch Loyalty Management at Livelo Brasil
        • Natura Brasil

          Natura Brasil

          Implementation of Comarch Loyalty Management
        • Vingroup


          Vingroup a coalition loyalty program in Asia
        • S7 Airlines

          S7 Airlines

          Comarch Loyalty Management at S7 Airlines
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