About Comarch ICT

ICT (Information Communication Technologies) services are offered by Comarch for 16 years. Many years of experience, knowledge and own IT infrastructure enable us to provide the highest quality of services.


The offer of Comarch ICT supports the operation of companies in the financial and insurance sectors, the oil industry, international retail chains, as well as many other major and minor individuals representing every sector of the market. Our solutions are dedicated to the growing number of industries, acquiring more and more reference clients. The Comarch ICT includes many different solutions and services that have evolved over the years (data center services, IT outsourcing and IT integration services, network solutions, telecommunication solutions).



Comarch’s overarching goal is to provide customers with the best service. Fulfillment of certain standards not only helps us in this task, but also helps to ensure appropriate conditions of doing business for our customers.


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Technological Partners


Comarch conducts an intensive policy whose aim is to build relationships with technology partners. Currently we work with companies, which are the world's leading suppliers of equipment, services and technologies.

Their potential and solution support Comarch product portfolio and thereby provide us with ongoing development and allow us to offer a full range of solutions. For our Clients, the partnership with leading providers of information technology means, above all, the highest quality of implemented solutions.


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Technological Partners

ICT in Practice


You will find here information and relations from events and conferences that we organize and those which we participate. There are also interesting articles written by our employees, presentations, multimedia, which are sources of practical knowledge about ICT solutions and current market trends.


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ICT in Practice

Why does your business need a professional IT infrastructure management service?

Today, features in the new ICT landscape is changing rapidly and consumer behavior and technology brings new opportunities as well as a lot of challenges for an organization. While ICT infrastructure might not be critical for your business – it is fundamental component that can lead the operation of daily business to success and rapid growth for years to come.

Comarch ICT delivers innovative IT infrastructure services to support your business and help it become more responsive to your current needs. With our world-class ICT services offering comprehensive, flexible, cost efficient and truly smart solutions you can improve your ability to support your business and operating strategy. Multi-skilled certified professionals combined with many years of technical knowledge of handling operations for multinational organizations makes Comarch ICT an ideal partner to support the management of your IT infrastructure.

Our Clients

  • Circle K

    Circle K

    Comarch Network Managed Services: creating a flexible and highly secure network to increase reliability
  • Heathrow Airport

    Heathrow Airport

    To support its growing business, Heathrow Airport chose Comarch Loyalty Management application in hosting model
  • Boots


    Solves business issues with Comarch Data Center Services
  • Nicols


    Eliminating outage incidents and decreasing network vulnerabilities with Comarch Data Center services
  • Jetblue Airways

    Jetblue Airways

    Reducing application response time and increasing data processing speed by deploying Comarch Data Center services
  •  Valeo


    Comarch IT Outsourcing Services for Valeo Germany
  • Drosed


    Improving levels of collaboration and customer care by cooperation with Comarch
  • European Southern Observatory

    European Southern Observatory

    Better process optimization and increased IT security with complex portfolio of Comarch IT Services
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