Remote work in Comarch Cloud

Control your company from any place, on any device, at any time. Use enterprise management systems with no need to buy expensive hardware, install additional applications, or go through time-consuming implementations. Work remotely using software solutions which are always compliant with the latest regulations.

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Grow your company online with Comarch Cloud

B2B and B2C online sales
  • Online sales integrated with Comarch ERP, Comarch B2B, and Comarch e-Shop systems is based on innovative online platforms enabling users to manage a sales network remotely in the B2B and B2C models.
Manage remote employees
  • Track the working time of your remote employees with Comarch TNA, , a cloud based solution allowing manual working time registration in web and mobile apps.
  • Effectively manage employee workload and connect with office-based and remote employees from any place thanks to Comarch HRM.
  • Remotely monitor the performance of your company and employees with Comarch myPoint, an analytical tool making it possible to measure, verify, and analyze the results of the company and individual employees who are working from home.
Handling business processes
  • Process invoices faster and run a small business from any place at any time with Comarch ERP XT.
  • Comprehensively manage business processes from home and run your company online with Comarch ERP Optima
  • Manage and supervise the processes of a large enterprise from any place Comarch ERP Enterprise
  • Automatically extract data from paper invoices thanks to the cloud-based Comarch OCR.
  • Understand your business data and make decisions – Comarch BI Point will provide you with complete reports and BI analyses available in Comarch Cloud
  • Maintain constant and remote access to data, easily share files, and create back-up copies Comarch IBARD.
  • Remotely manage your electronic document workflow and control business processes with Comarch DMS.
  • Securely share documents between two independent Comarch ERP Optima installations, thanks to the Internet Document Interchange mechanism.
Find out more about remote working software from Comarch such as VPN solutions, document signage and geolocation analysis of remote workers.

The cloud pays off

Selecting the cloud service gives you a number of benefits:

  • The cloud means mobility. By selecting the cloud, you get constant access to data on any device, at any time, from anywhere you want.
  • The cloud eliminates the need to invest in server infrastructure, licenses, and preliminary hardware configuration.
  • In the cloud model, responsibilities such as maintaining the IT environment, managing it, and meeting security requirements are all on the vendor’s side. You do not need to employ IT experts, who are frequently hard to get hold of and costly.
  • No need to maintain your own, local servers and data centers, so you can cut the costs of hardware maintenance and service, rental of space, and electricity, air conditioning, CCTV, and backup.
  • In the cloud model, you are always working with the most current software version.
  • The cloud solutions are based on a fixed subscription only payable when the software is being used. You can easily calculate the cloud subscription, or schedule expenses in advance, depending on your company’s size.
  • The cloud is flexible – you can quickly and easily increase or decrease the number of licenses, depending on the current number of software users at your company.
  • Advanced data centers and cloud experts guarantee a higher level of data security than local server rooms.
Advantages such as time efficiency, flexibility, security, and peace of mind cannot be overrated. More and more companies – including both huge corporations and small businesses – decide to implement cloud solutions. It simply pays off to move to the cloud.
Security in Comarch Cloud
All data you decide to store in Comarch Cloud will be entirely secure. It is guaranteed by the best experts at a  Comarch Data Center – all of which are certified (e.g. with ISO/IEC 27001:2005) data centers, located in Germany, France, and Poland.

Cloud solutions for remote work

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