Trade and Warehouse

Comarch ERP Altum is designed in a way to comprehensively support and streamline all trade-warehouse processes in a company, regardless of its specifics of operation. Moreover, thanks to possibility of handling several companies within one system, the trade-warehouse area is maintained independently for each enterprise. 

In Comarch ERP Altum, a company may also conduct multi-channel sales within one system: launching online store (Comarch e-Shop), supporting customers in B2B model (Comarch B2B) and running mobile sales (Comarch Mobile Management and Comarch Mobile Sales). 

Comarch ERP Altum not only helps handling standard trade-warehouse processes, but most of all it automates repetitive operations. Owing to BPM tools, it is possible to automate completely or partially the process of receiving and ordering items, quoting and processing orders, granting discounts and handling complaints.  


Owing to the applied solutions, Comarch ERP Altum allows for supporting sales of miscellaneous items. It is possible thanks to implementation of such functionalities as: 

  • Multi-feature approach. How does it work? A clothing store owner can specify size, color, model (slim, regular, etc.) for each type of pants, and even material they are made of.  
  • Related items. How does it work? A customer is buying some bathroom tiles in a store and the system notifies to suggest buying also some glue or tile joint. 
  • Types and units of measure. How does it work? A jewelry company purchases ore and then it sells its own jewelry. A user can specify very precisely the weight of ore and jewelry. 
  • Categories and classification categories. How does it work? A company can divide its customers and vendors according to regions, size of company, business branches, etc. Within each category it is possible to create groups, e.g.: company size: large, medium, small enterprises


Management of trade-warehouse documents in Comarch ERP Altum includes: 

  • Full maintenance of sales-purchase processes: from an inquiry, through quote, order, receipt, to issuing of invoice and sending documents to customer or vendor via e-mail. 
  • Clear managing of all the logistic processes, owing to full range of trade documents referring to receiving, releasing, moving items between warehouses and handling discrepancies in deliveries. 
  • Supporting intra-community transactions, possibility to register and complete advance, commission and pro forma invoices.
  • Handling entire complaint process in division into stages: from receiving item to approving complaint and releasing new merchandise. 
  • Possibility to record transactions in foreign currencies. 
  • Creating documents on the basis of other documents, which eliminates necessity to enter the same data several times, e.g. transforming sales order into invoice. 
  • Access to information from mobile devices along with possibility to conduct entire process of ordering items at customer’s location. 


Price and discount policy

Owing to its purpose – support for customized processes and adjustment to individual needs of a company, Comarch ERP Altum allows using combinations of various price types, price lists and discount types. The most important features in this matter include: 

  • Multi-company approach (separate price and discount policy for each company and subsidiary)

How does it work? Two enterprises composing a holding company run two different business activities. Enterprise A sells home electronics and appliances, whereas Enterprise B – construction materials. Both companies maintain independent price and discount policies within one system and each of them is not visible for the other entity. 

  • Threshold price lists and discounts 

How does it work? A company determines that if a customer submits an order for at least 10 sets of winter tires, he receives 40 zl discount, in case of buying at least 20 sets – 70 zl discount, etc. 

  • Vouchers (various types of vouchers and gift cards)

How does it work? A customer received a closet in color other than he or she ordered. As a compensation for mistake, the company gives the customer a voucher for 50 zl to use it in store within particular period.  


Full management of franchise networks 

In Comarch ERP Altum, enterprises running their business activity on the basis of own franchise network can manage all subsidiary units within one system. Comarch ERP Altum supports franchise networks with different specifics of operation, using different systems for completing payments with franchisees. 

How does it work? Owing to Business Intelligence tools, the platform enables, among others: analyzing sales results in division into, e.g.: points of sale, items, regions as well as measuring effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Comarch ERP Altum provides complete handling of logistic and sales cooperation between Headquarters and franchise units, which can be partially or fully automated with the use of BPM tools.  


Warehouse maintenance and stock management  

Owing to possibility of managing several enterprises within one system, Comarch ERP Altum allows for creating separate and independent logistic systems for each of the companies. Logistics in Comarch ERP Altum includes: 

Stock level control 

How does it work? Minimum quantity of 4 items is determined for Warehouse A. There are 2 fridges left in the warehouse – the system automatically orders missing merchandise by sending appropriate documents to vendor. Then the vendor delivers the merchandise and the system automatically receives that delivery into the warehouse. 

Consignment service 

How does it work? A franchise network sells shoes. Merchandise stored in franchisee’s warehouse belongs to the network owner (franchiser) and the franchisee receives commission for selling its shoes. 

Pack management 

How does it work? A sales network receives a thousand of perfume bottles every day. First, items are received in the main warehouse and then they are distributed among stores. To avoid counting them each day, the perfumes are packed in packs of 100 pcs. These packs have own barcodes, which allows for quick receipt, settlement and shipping of the perfumes to all stores without making a mistake. 


Comarch WMS – high storage warehouse  

Comarch WMS is a system for managing high storage warehouse. It enables managing and processing of warehouse orders. Cooperation with Comarch ERP Altum system takes place at the level of warehouse documents, which are passed on for processing from the system to Comarch WMS. Warehouse orders are processed directly in Comarch WMS on the basis of constructed warehouse structure, applied management algorithms and assigned orders. 

Comarch WMS is composed of two applications – Comarch WMS Management and Comarch WMS Warehouseman, which together enable comprehensive maintenance of a high storage warehouse. 

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