Comarch WMS Management

Do you need a tool to manage a high storage warehouse?
Would you like to define your own warehouse structure?
Is carrier handling in a warehouse a necessity?
Do you want to know the current work load of your employees when assigning warehouse orders?   

Discover Comarch WMS Management!


Comarch WMS Management is a web-based application for warehouse managers and supervisors. It allows warehouse staff and storage space to be managed effectively, flows to be modified, and productivity to be increased.


Build you warehouse structure in five steps

Do you need to divide your warehouse into, for instance, areas, aisles, racks and shelves?  Do you want to determine dimensions, give priorities or perhaps indicate allowed/not allowed goods to be stored under a given address?

Compose your warehouse structure in Comarch WMS Management using the following five steps:

  1. Define the objects which will be used in your warehouse structure
  2. Compose your warehouse structure by dragging the selected objects 
  3. Apply appropriate management algorithms
  4. Make sure that the range specified for the objects is correct
  5. Generate your warehouse structure


Manage your warehouse workers

The Comarch WMS Management application is a tool supporting the management and tracking of warehouse operatives’ performance. Before assigning a warehouse order, the manager who is responsible for the employees of a given warehouse may verify the current workload of the operatives. By knowing how many warehouse orders were assigned to each employee, and how many of these tasks have already been processed, the manager may reasonably assign further tasks to be processed. Assigned warehouse orders are processed in the Comarch WMS Warehouseman application. A manager may monitor the processing status of an assigned task in real time. Moreover, they may also verify the work effectiveness of warehouse operatives, using the rankings of employees.


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